Course Testimonials

Studying for my Diploma in professional curtain making and soft furnishings with Victoria has been completely life changing. I started course ONE with very little sewing experience and was able to walk away after a week with the confidence to start my own curtain making business. Courses TWO and THREE allowed me to deepen my knowledge and confidence across a range of different skills sets, from hand sewing techniques to machine work as well as the more technical side of measuring and calculating which is something I’ve really struggled with in the past. Victoria’s patience and encouragement is the most wonderful environment for learning and growth. I have made friends for life with the ladies I was studying with as well as Victoria and her adorable side kick Dudley! I couldn’t recommend this course enough, thank you Victoria for everything!

Bella, Oxford – May 2022

I have just completed week 1 curtain making course and I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned LOADS thanks to the tuition of Victoria and Andra, who I can honestly say have the patience of a Saint. Never in my life did I ever think I would enjoy hand sewing lol, but I did, thanks to this course. I am utterly determined to complete weeks 2 and 3.
I cannot recommend it high enough, from the beautiful workroom, the expert tuition to the classmates we had (who were the best bunch of ladies EVER). I didn’t have any knowledge really before I came to this course, so I would recommend to beginners too. Thanks Victoria for everything (and Dudley ??)

Kelly, Glasgow – April 2022

I have recently completed Course ONE with Victoria and loved every moment of it. It was such a privilege to learn skills from Victoria, her patience and guidance gave me the confidence to come away from the course with the possibility of my dream becoming a reality. She was more than happy to share her in depth knowledge of the industry making the future less daunting and for this I am so grateful. I am excited to book onto course two and three as soon as I can, and return to Bury Farm, the dream studio!

Lizzie, Suffolk – March 2022

I have just finished course one with Victoria and loved it! I learnt so much and felt confident when I left that I would be able to put my new skills in to practise. I was a little worried as I had no prior experience with sewing or curtain making but it wasn’t a problem at all, Victoria teaches in a very coherent and practical way and it is such a relaxed and friendly environment that you feel like you can ask questions no matter how silly you think they might be! I am planning on booking on to course two as soon as possible.

Jana, Buckinghamshire – January 2022

The course was highly professional with every detail thought out and planned for, from the content and course materials to the equipment and logistics. Victoria is an excellent teacher, she explains everything clearly and is very knowledgeable. Their workrooms are an Aladdin’s cave that will inspire you to immerse yourself further, either as a hobby or to start a business.

Kamla, London – January 2022

Dear Victoria. I cannot thank you enough for the last week. It was such a privilege to learn such a beautiful and traditional skill in the most professional and creative environment. Being a complete beginner at sewing i was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but through thorough demonstrations and practise with amazing guidance and patience I managed to accomplish more than I ever thought possible. I walked away on the final day knowing that my life was going to change and with the confidence of a completely new skill under my belt. Missing the wonderfully inspiring setting already and can’t wait to return in May for Course TWO and THREE. After the last week I really feel like the sky’s the limit! Thank you again!

Bella, Oxford – January 2022

Victoria, thank you you for being amazing! Your calm nature is a complete confidence boost. I have always wanted to learn how to make curtains and I just thought because I hadn’t done it up to now it was never going to happen. This was the best course I have ever been on and was the break I needed from work after the 2years we have all had. All I can say is that you have a magnificent gift to be able to work with people from all walks of life, different age groups and capabilities and you just take everything in your stride. Thank you Victoria for teaching me how to make curtains and I will be back for course 2 and 3.

Sophia, Surrey – November 2021

I’ve had an amazing time learning at the Academy, your calm demeanour and step by step teaching method is the best I have come across, no question is too silly. Lets say for someone who’s used to be leading in class it felt weird feeling behind in most of the lessons, but you never made me loose confidence in my ability to learn and catch up, SO THANK YOU Victoria.

Nene, Hampshire – September 2021

Thank you for everything Victoria. With your help, I know I’m going to change my life. Lots of love Kate x

Kate, Northern Ireland – June 2021

To dear Victoria. Thank you for your most excellent tutoring, support and inspiration over the years, giving me the skills and confidence to run a successful business doing something that I love. Forever grateful x

Wendy, London – June 2021

Having completed the ‘Making of Roman Blinds’ day I was keen to go on and do Course One which I completed last week. I absolutely loved every element of both courses and would recommend to anyone who wants to learn curtaining making at a professional level. I have come away with with impressive amount of new knowledge and feeling confident for my first project. Victoria’s teaching method is exceptional with the ability to keep everyone to the same pace across all experience levels while achieving a really lovely atmosphere. I will definitely being doing more courses at the Academy.

Sarah, Sussex – June 2021

I enjoyed every moment of the course. Victoria is a great teacher who makes complex techniques seem very understandable, whatever your level of sewing experience. I came away feeling confident and excited to start my first project, and I’ll be booking to come back for Course Two.

Lynn, Kent – June 2021

Having just completed Course One of Victoria Hammond’s curtain and blind making course I have come away with all the skills to not only make beautiful window coverings for my home, but also to set up in business making them for others. 
The location and studio are both lovely and Victoria is an extremely knowledgeable and patient coach. I have already booked onto her cushions course and can’t wait to go back.

Helen, Buckinghamshire – May 2021

Victoria & Andra. I just wanted to thank you both for hosting such a great workshop last week. I really feel like I’ve come away with some great curtain making skills that I can most definitely build on and use. But most importantly, you were both a real inspiration to me. The last six months has been quite a difficult time after loosing a job I loved so much. I felt rather rudderless and wasn’t sure what life had in store. I’ve come away with a new found sense of direction and for that I am truly grateful. So this week is going to be setting up my room and then we’re onto the curtain and blinds next week! I’m sure I’ll be endlessly posting on the forum as I’ve the worlds most difficult windows to start with! I’ll be after some much needed advice. Enjoy the next few courses and I hope I’ll be back for some follow up ones in the Autumn.

Jane, Hertfordshire – May 2021

What an absolute privilege to spend a week training with Victoria. Such an amazing course and delivered with such professionalism and warmth. The setting is stunning and the workshop is a creative’s dream. I booked for course two as soon as I got home!

Jessica, Essex – April 2021

I had a wonderful day at Bury Farm on the Roman Blind Course, taught by Victoria. Her knowledge and expertise was exemplary which she passed onto her students in a pleasurable and understanding manner. I am looking forward to returning later this year to complete the other courses available. Many thanks Victoria – 5 stars all round!

Vicky, Herefordshire – April 2021

After what feels like a lifetime on lockdown, going to the Victoria Hammond roman blind course was the highlight of my year! The communication from booking the course through to the day of the course was excellent. The location and day was perfectly organised. It was a covid safe environment, with everyone set up with their own tools. However, the real gift was having a patient and professional teacher, who explained things plainly and demonstrated each section step by step, in a way that really communicated to a complete novice or an experienced seamstress. I have come away enthused to use what I have learnt and I am ready to book onto the next course!

Michelle, Middlesex – April 2021

I wanted to say a big thank you for a fantastic Roman blind course ! I have enjoyed it immensely and it was so easy to follow. Your instructions were clear and the notes absolutely fantastic, Thank you so much for sharing your suppliers as well as recommending further reading. All in all it’s been absolutely inspiring experience in beautiful surroundings.

Agnieszka, Wiltshire – April 2021

I started sewing in 2013 just before I had my first child and fell in love with it. Before having kids I had a 10 year career in the armed forces but decided to leave to start a family. Now my kids are at school age I was thinking about what I wanted to do next and with my love of sewing I knew I wanted a career in this industry. It wasn’t until a friend who knew I could sew asked if I could make her a set of curtains and realised this was something I couldn’t do! I decided to look into it a bit more, which is when I found Victoria’s course and it looked perfect.

I enrolled onto the Diploma course, of which I have now completed courses one and two, and the making of cushions course. I am soon to attend course three.

I absolutely loved the first 3 courses and I can’t wait to go back to do course three. The setting at Bury Farm is lovely and Victoria’s workroom (a converted barn) is amazing.

The course itself is brilliant, there is a lot to learn and take in but there is plenty of time allocated to take it all in. The course notes are very detailed and a great reference to have. All the fabric used in class to make our samples with are really lovely and are ideal to have to show clients different styles of pleat. 

Victoria is a wonderful teacher and has a vast knowledge of all things involved in the making of curtains and soft furnishings. She makes it all look so easy, which isn’t always the case, however she is very patient and extremely supportive with students. I highly recommend this course to those who want to start a business or just to gain a personal skill. 

Jessica, Warminster – August 2020

After a battle with breast cancer in 2017 I realised I wanted to leave my marketing and PR career behind me and get back into soft furnishings. All my life I have tinkered with crafts and soft furnishings, but I was self taught. So if I was going to be taken seriously and create beautiful work and have a successful business I knew I needed to study and probably gain a qualification. After some considerable searching online I decided that Victoria Hammond Academy was the right fit for me. The intensive format suited my learning style and personal circumstances. So I arranged for my mother to fly over from Spain to look after my then six year old son (and husband!) so I could attend the courses.
The course was attended by students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. The classroom setting was professional, relaxed and allows for total creativity. Victoria’s ability to manage the varying abilities and personalities in the classroom was impressive. The techniques you learn are traditional and allow you to create projects with absolute perfection; no short cuts or second-class techniques allowed! I was impressed by the vast range of techniques and subjects covered in the course and I believe it’s this learning that has enabled me to grow my business so quickly. After just six months in business I achieved a fabulous work-life balance with plenty of work booked in. Repeat business is frequent, my customers always recommend me to friends or family and I get plenty of referrals on social media. 
My change of career at 39 years old was a brave and scary thing to do, but looking back it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. So if you’re reading this and thinking “should I do this course?” Then my answer to you would be, hell yes! 

Tanya, Suffolk – April 2020

The course was absolutely fab and I loved every minute of it. It did exactly what it said on the tin and has given me the confidence and resources to finally get started with setting up a little business. Thank you. Julia, West Sussex – March 2020
Wow what a week! Course 1 has been a wonderful experience learning many new techniques alongside a lovely group of ladies and taught by the very calm and knowledgeable Victoria. If you want to learn to be a truly outstanding curtain and soft furnishing maker this is where you need be to get the Victoria Hammond  experience. Thank you so much and looking forward to course 2. Sarah, Essex – March 2020
I enjoyed the course at Victoria Hammond Academy so much. The best part is learning from a true expert who is dedicated to perfect techniques and incredible results – invaluable if you want to start your own business. I felt really inspired and immediately booked in to return! Rosie, London – March 2020
I can’t recommend training at Victoria Hammond enough. She has extremely in depth knowledge of all things curtains and soft furnishings, you won’t find a more thorough training anywhere else I am sure! I’m looking forward to seeing Victoria on her lovely farm, in the near future, for more training! Thank you Victoria! Sue, Berkshire – February 2020
Just finished the first course of the curtain making and soft furnishings AIM Awards Diploma course. Victoria has endless knowledge of her subject and being taught in such a small group was brilliant. We learned to make curtain samples of pencil pleat, triple pleat and a roman blind. Beautifully hand sewn by us the students, under brilliant guidance of Victoria. There is still a lot to learn, I am really looking forward to course 2. Thank you for your patience. Mirjam, Isle of Wight – February 2020
Dear Victoria, I cannot thank you enough for your time, energy and enthusiasm! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your courses, even with all the maths! I will always look back on my time at Bury Farm fondly and look forward to my return. Please keep in touch with any further courses. Thanks again for helping me make my Mum proud. Amy, Norfolk – October 2019
I would like to thank you and Gary on behalf of myself and Frank for the wonderful 2 days we spent at Bury Farm on the professional fitting course, we loved it!! We both learnt so much and found the whole thing a great experience and a huge benefit to us both, Frank now has a far better understanding of what I’ve been trying to achieve with my sewing skills and desires, and Frank realised that he has the ability to be part of a very exciting future with his lovely wife haha and hopefully be able to give up his present job and work alongside me and make a great team!!
Me personally, I would just love to be able to attend every class available, I am very excited about the cushion course and when I’ve hopefully gained skills with this, I will progress to the lamp shades.. its such a fantastic environment and a lovely place to be. We were so lucky as we really did have a fabulous group and they were just a joy to be with. I hope to see Amy again soon as we live so close to each other and she was super lovely and helpful. Thanks again for everything, I would recommend attending your courses to absolute anyone. It  was a joy. Maxine & Frank, Norfolk – October 2019
Hi Victoria. Thanks a lot for introducing me to very fine details/aspects of curtain fitting which we were not aware of. Gary Benton is a top man who taught us very patiently and in detail over two days. Very satisfied with the course. Vickram, Middlesex – October 2019
Dear Victoria. Thank you so very much for all of your lovely instruction last week in my Course 1 class! I learned such valuable information, and I am anxious to get started as soon as possible. I recall about two years ago, I came across your class information on the website, and saw ladies holding their samples they made with these big, happy smiles! I actually got teary just thinking of how fun and fulfilling it would be to learn the proper drapery fabrication tools I have always wanted to learn. Now, I have done so, and can look at the photo of myself and lovely classmates with such affection and fondness – it was so much fun! Thank you for your patience, and brilliant tuition throughout the course. The course I found in US may have been less time consuming, but I only had to add two more days of course, plus travel to make it happen, and then bonus of MUCH MORE added information and skills! Cheryl, Wisconsin USA – September 2019
I was really looking forward to Course One and had an idea what to to expect. However it totally exceeded my expectations! The course is well structured, with very detailed information. Victoria is a great teacher and very knowledgeable! The workshop is so beautiful to work in.  After completing my Course One I feel rich with knowledge and I know I will return to complete Course 2 & 3. I highly recommend Victoria’s courses as you will learn how to make curtains/ blinds to very high standards! Iva, Essex – September 2019
Hi Victoria. What can I say? You are beautiful inside and out. I loved every second of this week and learnt so much. It has boosted my confidence in Roman blinds as I only had some fine tuning to do. Your course is so professional, every detail is covered including stitches I had never heard of. I now feel ready to make a set of curtains with all the knowledge you have shared, I can’t thank you enough.
I just wanted to say you are a wonderful mum, working so hard for your son. I honestly think you are a great role model and your work ethic is nothing short of amazing. You are a great person and I will be very proud of myself if I ever become half as good as you.
I definitely intend to be back in November for Course Two. To be able to say one day I have a Diploma in Curtain Making & Soft furnishings and was taught by the best, Victoria Hammond. What more of a mission statement can a business have.

Linda, Shropshire – September 2019

Hi Victoria. I had the very very very best week I have had in an exceptionally long time and am itching for Course 2, i just want to learn more and get started with my business now. I cannot thank you enough for the tuition that you gave, despite your years and years of experience, which could so easily make it hard for you to teach total beginners and their never-ending questions without thinking ‘you silly billy, it’s easy’! you gave us the very very best tuition and I genuinely feel ready to go ahead and make various styles of curtains and blinds now, which after only a week is testament to your brilliant guidance, patience and priceless notes. I cannot thank you enough and am so looking forward to seeing you again in Hertfordshire in September.
I will be in touch in the coming weeks to order some things to get me going – I am just waiting to get to the top of the waiting list for a studio space and then i’ll be good to go. In the meantime, the Foster Bowes Ltd company name is registered, logo done, website being built and business cards, letterhead and labels in the works – there is so much to do but it such fun when it’s for something you want to do so much. Georgie, London
– June 2019

I am 65 and decided I wanted to make curtains and blinds to a professional standard for my new home rather than pay someone else. I booked Victoria’s course hoping that it would provide me with the knowledge, practice and confidence. Having some experience of sewing, both clothes and curtains over the years, I was a little apprehensive about perhaps not getting as much from this course as I expected, however this course and Victoria far exceeded my expectations. I am delighted with what I have learnt on this course and the practical work we did. Victoria not only knows everything there is to know about curtain making and blinds she has great designer skills and she has the skills to teach. She is both caring and sharing and it was a pure delight to be on her course. I have finished the course not only knowing that I can now make my window dressings to a professional standard but I could also do this as a business if I choose. It is an intensive course, you have to concentrate, work hard and be prepared for homework but I believe you will find it a very enjoyable and rewarding experience and brilliant for even those just wanting to make curtains/blinds for themselves, family and friends. Thank you Victoria, brilliant course. Fiona, Yorkshire – May 2019

I would like just to say, if you are like me with just basic self taught sewing skills but have a love for fabric and furnishings then this course if a must! There are so many professional tips and skills that Victoria has shared and demonstrated to our class, from making, hanging curtains and blinds, to setting up your own business. We had such a great group of ladies on the course who have become really good friends and are keeping in regular contact. Overall the Diploma course has made me feel more confident, particular in my attention to detail, but most of all my passion and flair for soft furnishings has returned and I can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much Victoria and Rosie. Diane, Kent – March 2019

I can’t speak highly enough of the Academy. The workroom’s are bright and beautiful and the accommodation at Waterlock house is most delightful. The course covered a lot of information, the structure was clear and logical, Victoria has put a lot of thought into organising it. The best part is I now feel confident to implement new skills and my work looks professional. The course was both informative and fun, the time flew by. Thank you Victoria for truly inspiring me! Narina – March 2019

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on the course I’m even more delighted that I took the step into curtain making.  Although I don’t intend to make a career out of it, the knowledge and practical skills learned will be immensely useful in my own home projects.  I plan to put them to use in my current project where we require 4 sets of curtains and I feel more than confident enough to tackle these. Thanks again for the excellent tuition and I will be in contact soon with fabric orders. Ingrid, Surrey – March 2019

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed Angela’s lampshade course this weekend.  Angela is hands down THE best teacher.  To be honest, I was a little anxious, having had zero experience and she was so warm and welcoming that I was immediately put at ease. Her knowledge is endless and her natural ability with people makes her a stand out teacher. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to book onto her next course and thank you again for this magnificent opportunity. Alex, Surrey – March 2019

I travelled from the Caribbean specifically to attend Victoria Hammond Academy and study for my Diploma; I was not disappointed. In the four weeks I spent learning from Victoria I was able to acquire many new skills and a genuine appreciation for hand sewn curtains. It was a splendid experience and I would definitely recommend this Academy to anyone seriously pursuing a career in curtain making and soft furnishings. Fiona, Antigua – July 2018
Victoria’s courses were amazing and extremely inspiring. I felt I was being taught by the best and you can really sense how much Victoria cares about all her students and their work. I met some really lovely people and the student forum is a great tool when setting up a business and needing some advice. The courses are intense but I was amazed at how much I learnt. Victoria is a great teacher and is extremely experienced – no question is too silly to ask. I cannot thank Victoria enough she has truly inspired me to take that leap out of the corporate world to set up my own curtain making business. Jenna, Surrey – July 2018
I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me to Waterlock House, your wonderful new home and workrooms. The experience I have gained on your curtain making and cushion courses have been excellent and given me the confidence plus skills to go ahead and start my own small business. Alongside your wonderful courses, I can also highly recommend the very stylish accommodation you have available for students, all the rooms are gorgeous! I’m already planning my next trip in for the New Year! Helen, London – June 2018
I loved the course. Although it’s intensive and full on it’s also inspiring and you meet such lovely people. I know doing the courses with you I learn from the best and therefore going forward it’s purely about practicing the new skills I get equipped with. Staying at Waterlock House made things very easy. Apart from it all being beautiful it also meant that everything else was within walking distance with no driving required. I shall be back for more! Thanks Victoria. Gitte, London – May 2018
To Victoria. I just want to say a quick thank you to you for delivering such detailed and enjoyable and inspiring courses. Since completing Course ONE last May you have enabled me to find something I love to do as a career without an enormous initial outlay, my dream has become a reality and I feel like me again. Good luck with all the renovations, I have no doubt it will be stunning! You are brave and inspirational. Sandra, Oxford – March 2018
Victoria, I had a very special time at your courses, loved every minute of it and gained skills that have served me over and over again! William, South Africa – February 2018
I have returned home this evening the proud owner of a lampshade! I have thoroughly enjoyed my two days with Angela, she is such a good teacher and so encouraging. I have learnt an enormous amount and can’t wait to try another on my own. Thank you all so much . Maggie, Kent – December 2017
Victoria, I can’t thank you enough for these past few weeks, your teaching has been invaluable! You’ve inspired me greatly and I now feel confident with my skills. Molly, Wiltshire – October 2017
Traditional curtain making is one of those crafts that is handed down from mother to daughter. Being taught by Victoria feels like being handed down generations of family secrets, techniques and experience- what an absolute privilege. Alison, Essex – May 2017
Victoria.. I would like to take this opportunity to say how brilliant your courses are, I have covered everything, even a set of curtains to dress an apex triangular window.. and swags and tails.. and we fitted our first Silent Gliss wave curtain last Wednesday. If we had not covered this on the courses I really wouldn’t have known where to start, so thank you. Jan, Essex – May 2017
Victoria. Many thanks to you! For following your passion of curtain making, and creating courses with an atmosphere of magic. All students will agree that there is such pleasure the moment we arrive at Bury Farm, and enter the door into Victoria Hammond Interiors. The great room overflowing with conversations around fabric samples, design books, magazines, with a good cup of coffee nourishing the creative soul. Walking through the barn into the workroom where the hands on experience locks everything into place. I was hoping and anticipating perfection, and was thrilled to learn the fine details that set your courses apart. Sometimes I wonder, “Did this really happen?”  Then I look back at all the samples & course materials and know it really was a dream….come true. I am in awe of this experience – one month at Bury Farm, and now the anticipation of what’s to come as I create my own curtain workshop. With much appreciation! Laurel, USA – April 2017

Dear Victoria. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye on Saturday. I would like to thank you for such a lovely cushion making course; loved all the techniques and the results at the end. You have a lovely way of teaching and you were more than I expected. Hope to come back and do some more, will need to find the next slot. Many thanks. Anne, Sussex – February 2017

I have a wonderful experience at Victoria Hammond Academy. The environment of studying is enjoyable, friendly and surrounding with nice people. I started without any knowledge of making soft furnishings. This made me a bit worry at the beginning. During two weeks of my study, I learned lots of techniques. I found my sewing skill has been improved. Thank you Victoria for your attention to teaching. You concentrate on all the details, which I think this is a secret weapon to be a professional maker. I am not only learning how to make but also focused on designing. I am so excited to make curtains for my home. I wish to get back to the Bury Farm. Nuch, Thailand – November 2016

A big thank you to Victoria for an excellent one to one training lesson making a London blind with my client’s fabric. It was a truly wonderful relaxing and productive day and I would recommend this to anybody. The blind is stunning and I cannot wait for it to be fitted my customer will be so over the moon. Janice, Essex – November 2016

Thank you so much for a wonderful week, I loved it !! I feel that I have learnt so much, and gained so much more confidence, in just one week ! I really didn’t want it to end, so I will be booking course 2, and then course 3 !!! See you soon. Katherine, Essex – October 2016

I’m not sure where to start as there are so many positive things I can say. I took the Roman Blind making one day course instead of a longer course as I wanted to get an idea of my own abilities and the environment before deciding if I will progress further. The fact that I can now able to do the curtains course over four days instead of the five made this even more appealing. I can confirm that I definitely will be attending more in the future! From start to finish I couldn’t fault anything. Directions and information of what to expect were clear from the outset and the farm is a beautiful environment to work in. The workshop room is spacious and light and very comfortable. I found Victoria to be extremely knowledgeable, positive and encouraging. She openly shared tips from her extensive experience and was very approachable and patient. I was asked by some friend why I had gone on a course when there are book and videos out there and I would say there is no comparison. The quality of what you create (hidden stitching and safety standards are an example where this course teaches the extra mile), and the in class support is invaluable, as well as the after support that I have already taken advantage of. I would not hesitate to recommend this class to anyone and look forward to my next course. Natasha, Hertfordshire – August 2016

Studying at the Victoria Hammond Academy has been a wonderful experience for me, not only are the surroundings beautiful and serene but Victoria’s clear and concise teaching methods (and aftercare) mean I am already on the way to becoming a full time curtain maker. You really do come away with all the tools you need to get started in the business, as well as the confidence to take the leap! It has been a joy to spend a week at Bury Farm and course two of Professional Curtain Making cannot commence soon enough! Gemma, London – August 2016

Where do I begin but with a massive big thank you to a very impressive teacher whom has given me the tools to start a new and exciting business in hand sewn curtains and soft furnishings. All the courses run from bury farm are excellent – the surroundings are perfect providing a home from home friendly but professional feel. However there is one big problem, which sorry Victoria I have got to mention, it’s like a drug you cannot get enough of the place and you want to come back time after time ?. The ability you are given is next to none, the samples you come away with you’re very proud of, but best of all you cannot wait to start your first curtains and blinds and when you have made them you stand back and think OMG I did that with my very own hands. So if you are thinking of starting a curtain/blind course or even just a cushion course I couldn’t recommend Victoria Hammond enough. There is even a Facebook academy where you can put your queries on to and someone including Victoria will answer so even the after care is great and you’re not out there alone it’s like a little family. Once again thank you Victoria and hurry up and sort out the headboard course lol.
Janice, Essex – July 2016

I would like to thank you Victoria for a totally amazing two days making cushions. You truly are an inspiration to me and I am looking forward to many more courses. I absolutely loved it. Jacky xx
Jacky, Hertfordshire – May 2016

I enjoyed every minute of my time spent at Bury Farm completing both courses in curtain, blind and cushion making. It was an absolute pleasure spending time with Victoria, Sue and the lovely ladies on the courses. You are made to feel very welcome and relaxed despite the fact that there is a lot of work to cover. The course structure is a very balanced mix of practical and theory taught brilliantly by Victoria who guides you through every stage and has the patience of a saint! I feel I’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time and this is all down to
Victoria’s professional yet friendly approach to teaching. Perfect!
Denise, Bedfordshire – April 2016

My dear Victoria. Just to let you know I hung the two pairs of curtains and three Roman blinds down in Geneva today, one of the blinds being the 2.5m width one. They were mmPERFECT!! Client over the moon. I want to thank you again for teaching me this amazing, amazing skill that I love so much. You have a gift and I count myself beyond lucky to have benefited from it. xxx. PS photos don’t do it justice, but you get an idea.
Philippa, Switzerland – January 2016

Feeling sad this evening as Course 3 has come to an end, not only have I made some new friends who share my love of all things fabric but I have learnt so much in such a beautiful and tranquil location and will miss Victoria, Sue, Monty the lovable Lab, his friends Naughty Nell and Luscious Layla who just happen to be around in the mornings when I arrive with a few carrots for the horses and the donkeys. Bury Farm has to be the most magical place to learn new skills… Looking forward to the next course Bespoke Handmade Lamp shades;
can’t wait!
Christina, Wales – November 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed the Cushion course and am so proud of my achievements. Your method for all three types of cushion was simple but so professional and I feel very confident about adding this service to my future business plans, especially the piped box cushion which I will use as the basis for window seats, boat and camper van seating. An all round success and another really fun but fruitful experience. I can’t wait for the next course – I’m totally hooked! See you in November!
Christina, Wales – October 2015

Thank you so much for sharing your skills and experience on Course 1 Window Treatments with such patience and humour. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed the learning process as much as I did last week, it was everything I could have hoped for and far exceeded my expectations of what I could achieve.. I am delighted with my sample curtains, roman blind and pelmet and I can’t wait to return to your lovely workshop for the next courses. You have turned a sows ear into a silk purse!
Christina, Wales – September 2015

‘Course One’ is really vital; it gave me all the foundation I need in making curtains the correct way. I learnt that everything has to be done the right way from the beginning; measuring, cutting, and sewing, and that suitable fabric should be used to achieve a perfect hanging. I will definitely ensure that quality in materials and workmanship is observed throughout. I look forward to Course Two to advance my knowledge in using other materials to enhance the curtains, especially trimmings; which I love.
Thank you Victoria. Everyday was a joy for me, and my samples are treasured. I did not know that I could make anything like them; proof that one does not have to be experienced in sewing in order to do the course. Hopefully, when I return home after Course two I will practice and have a worthwhile business driven out of my newly acquired skills.
Ivy, Botswana – June 2015

“My lovable (?) Cocker Spaniel”; after hearing quite a commotion going on downstairs I went to see what was happening. “Oscar, NO, Oscar, NO!” I found my husband wrestling with the dog trying to get my sheer curtain out of Oscar’s mouth. Think Oscar had taken a fancy to the wadding and had pulled it all out – luckily leaving the main part of the curtain alone. Good job I’ve got that expanding 25m roll of wadding to use up! Thanks Victoria for a lovely 2 days. Hope to see you again soon.
Judith, Norfolk – May 2015

“Hi Victoria. I hope you are well? I can’t believe I was doing my courses with you over 3 years ago! I’m married now with a little boy and live in the countryside – quite a change from when I was a stressed-out solicitor coming to your courses. So I’m now trying to get a small curtain making business started and have got a few orders already. I must say that what I learned with you (not just the sewing, which goes without saying, but also the advice on dealing with clients and other trades people) has been invaluable. My clients have been so impressed
with the samples I made under your guidance and I’m sure it has helped me to get orders, so
many thanks for that!”
Stephanie, Lancashire – April 2015

“It was so great to meet you last week, thank you so much for making Course One so very enjoyable! In particular, a big thank you for your kind words of encouragement and being so patient with me as I worked at a slower speed than the others; (I am sure it was enough to try the patience of a saint!); at no stage was I made to feel awkward or as though I was holding up the group! I am very much looking forward to seeing you again when I return to Bury Farm for Course Two in a couple of week’s time. In the meantime I will put my new found skills to good use by practising at home and hopefully will speed-up along the way!!”
Claire, Essex – March 2015

“I had a great time on your course, as not only is it such a lovely environment to learn in, the quality of your teaching and professionalism throughout is of an extremely high standard. Your courses definitely give you the knowledge to produce beautiful curtains/blinds for yourself or a commercial situation. This is the second course I have attended and I am now looking forward to doing another!”
Bev, Oxford – February 2015

“Hi Victoria. I’ve just sat down with a cup of tea after rushing about all day, and I wanted to write and thank you properly for another fantastic course (Bed Dressings). As usual I learnt so much, all in such a lovely location and with interesting people. I am very pleased with my samples and I am sure they will help me sell my work. I look forward to finding out what you are planning for course 3, and seeing the new website.”
Catherine, Surrey – January 2015

“Thank you so much Victoria for such a fantastic and enjoyable Course One last week. Your professional approach, patient manner and enthusiasm throughout the week was wonderful. I have come away having gained so much knowledge, not just how to make soft furnishings professionally, but to believe in my own abilities and turn my knowledge into a successful business. All this in the beautiful setting of Bury Farm and lovely other ladies with a similar desire to learn. I am very much looking forward to booking into more courses in the future.”
Katie, Surrey – November 2014

“Dear Victoria, just a quick note from Bath to say a massive ‘Thank you’ for the course this week. I have really learned everything that I hoped for and more.”
Ros, Northumberland – October 2014

“Hope this email finds you well and the courses are busy and successful. I always remember my week there as a truly happy, peaceful and empowering one. It gave me belief in myself. I hope one day I can come back and do more.”
Dee, Hertfordshire – October 2013

“Having completed ”Course One’ in March which introduced me to the delights of French Pleats, Roman Blinds & Pelmets and not forgetting how to match patterns, measure windows and accurately calculate how much fabric was needed, I have just spent another truly enjoyable week at beautiful Bury Farm on ‘Course Two’. Victoria was patient as ever and always on hand to give advice and assistance. I had the opportunity to meet some lovely ladies and although the Course was intensive we had great fun and some real laugh out loud moments! Guided by Victoria I came away from the course equipped to put my new found skills into practice and ready to tackle Swags & Tails, London Blinds and the intricacies of beaded trimmings and mitred borders to name but a few … phew! Victoria, thank you for everything.”
Carol, Suffolk – May 2014

“Just returned to Brussels after a wonderful week spent with the talented Victoria Hammond and a great group of women on Course One. It was a full week of learning, punctuated with raucous laughter from the ladies working round the table. The camaraderie was for the memory books, and it was hard to say goodbye as Friday drew to a close. I will be thinking of the ladies when they resume their positions in a week’s time for Course Two. There was no end to the bombardment of questions thrown Victoria’s way during the week and she responded to each and every one of us with unflappable calm, steering us through the process of making our own luxuriously lined, hand finished, bespoke curtains with mitred corners and hidden stitching. Thank you Victoria – it was absolutely fabulous and I am looking forward to seeing you soon for cushion making.”
Kathleen, Brussels – May 2014

“Victoria what a beautiful couple of days I have just spent on your cushion course, I LOVED every minute and really envy what you have, I know its hard with little one too, but you are an inspiration and I will be back soon and pestering you for info sorry !! Thank you so much Sally xx
Sally, Berkshire – April 2014

“Just a quick line to say thank you once again for a superb course. I am so glad that I have attended both Course 1 and 2 now and I came away confident, inspired and feeling the need to remake and embellish all my curtains and blinds at home! Please pass on thanks to Laura too, who looked after us so well not only providing tea and carrot cake but a fabric sample service as well! I hope at some point to come back and do the mood board course and I will keep an eye on your website for any new courses you may start up. Thanks again for making us all so welcome in your beautiful home.”
Nikki, Oxford – March 2014

“Since the Roman blind course Monday I have made a work table and got as far with my first blind as I can without a sewing machine (my next purchase!). Luckily I have a few friends who have them in the short term. I have been working carefully and measuring everything multiple times. Plus I have taken the risk of interlining, so if it is successful I will send you some pictures! Thank you so much for the course, it really has set me off on my blinds marathon. I do have a couple of questions but I will formulate them properly and send them on to you. I would love to do some more training if I can persuade my husband to some long term childcare! I wish you luck with the continued success of your business.”
Lisa, Surrey – February 2014

“I am really pleased with the three cushions I have brought home and feel well-equipped to make more – I think one of my first (mini) projects should be to replace our rather grotty ring cushion at work. Having these and the samples I made on Course One will certainly be useful, both to show people what I can do and to remind me of all of the techniques I have learnt. Both courses I have attended have been so informative and I have come away with many new skills. It has been fabulous to meet and learn with so many like-minded people from across the country in such a relaxed environment and with such a patient teacher.”
Elaine, Devon – June 2013

“Hope this email finds you well and the courses are busy and successful. I always remember my week there as a truly happy, peaceful and empowering one. It gave me belief in myself. I hope one day I can come back and do more.”
Dee, Hertfordshire – October 2013.

“Just completed Course One, it was fabulous. I’m now so excited, I’m hoping that redundancy will be the best experience, perhaps I can now persue a career that I really enjoy. Thank you Victoria, looking forward to Course Two.
Dawn, Essex – May 2013

“Wow I get about – I’ve spent today at Victoria Hammond Interiors! I attended her moodboard course, lead by Victoria herself the course was full of invaluable information. We also vovered suppliers and producing estimates. Here’s my finished moodboard!”
Julie, Hertfordshire – May 2013

“I have just returned home from Victoria’s ‘Course One’. I was a complete novice but after just five days I feel I have the knowledge and have learnt the skills to start a few projects in my home and some of my rental properties and see what happens. Victoria was excellent and the course was informative, fun and relaxed. I had a few problems getting to grips with fabric calculations but with Victoria’s reassurance and the notes we were given to take home, I have now overcome this. I have booked for ‘Course Two’ and can’t wait.
Thank you Victoria for making me so welcome (and thanks to Monty dog for making break and lunch times so enjoyable!)
Anna, Norfolk – March 2013

“I had an amazing week with Victoria, I couldn’t have asked for any more. I came away truly inspired and confident that I could put my new skills to use and earn a living. I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough to anyone with an interest in interiors and needlework. Utter perfection, thank you!”
Sophie, Wiltshire – April 2013

“I have just completed both Course One and Course Two and I am feeling very inspired to carry on and use my newly found skills to start my own curtain making business. Victoria is a very patient teacher and explains everything in detail. The class sizes are also small which makes it easier to get to know the other people on the courses. The samples that I made on the courses have come in really useful to show perspective clients and also as a reference for future work and all the notes we are given along the way will prove to be invaluable. Victoria is able to provide information on all aspects of curtain making from the supplying of fabrics, workroom layouts and essential items you might need, to the making up of all sorts of window dressings, as well as being available to answer any question you might have after the course has finished which is proving incredibly useful! I will definitely be going back to attend more of Victoria’s courses in the future so I can develop my skills even further.”
Kate, Berkshire – April 2013

“Having recently completed ‘Course One’ and ‘Course Two’ with a view to using the skills learnt to start my own business, I have come away with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the curtain making process, which leave me well equipped to pursue a career making high quality soft furnishings. The wide selection of samples made during the courses, will prove extremely useful when meeting future clients and as a reference material. Information about setting up and running a business in this sector, from personal experience, was also invaluable. The knowledge that Victoria is available for further advice and support if necessary, is very reassuring. A rewarding and inspiring two weeks.”
Charlotte, Hertfordshire – March 2013

“On arrival at Bury Farm I felt quite anxious and nervous about doing the course but on entering Victoria’s showroom I received such a warm welcome that I soon felt very at ease and couldn’t wait to start. I do love to sew but lacked confidence in my ability, but with Victoria’s expert tuition and knowledge I now feel confident about making beautiful hand stitched curtains and blinds for other people and can’t wait to get started on my business venture. Victoria is a very calm and patient teacher who explains things over and over again when something doesn’t click straight away……like fabric estimations! A little time on my own reading through the comprehensive notes that Victoria put together I now have the knowledge to estimate the correct amount of fabric with ease and confidence. I arrived home with lots of samples which were made over the five days and they have been shown to family and friends with great pride. I very much hope to be able to attend ‘Course Two’ in the near future.”
Helen, Essex – March 2013

“I attended Victoria Hammond’s ‘Course One’ in March 2012 with a notion that I may start a business of my own making handmade curtains and blinds! After the one week course I felt I had the knowledge to give it a go. I have never looked back! 11 months on, I have a thriving business, working from home to fit in with being a mother too. With regular client referrals I have developed a client base and friends in my customers. I dipped back into Victoria’s ‘Course Two’ to enhance my skills and have appreciated Victoria’s continued support for my business in answering any questions I have.”
Andra, Buckinghamshire – February 2013


“Many thanks Victoria for a very enjoyable week. As a complete beginner, I learnt a huge amount in such a short time. The pace was perfect and I didn’t feel at all overwhelmed. The course covers many key aspects of curtain and blind making, including the business side. Victoria has extensive experience and very high standards, and she generously passes her knowledge on. I would highly recommend this course, and I will definitely be back for more!”
Sally, Hertfordshire – January 2013

“I wanted to say thank you for a very enjoyable week on ‘Course One’ at Bury Farm. As you know I was a little apprehensive about attending the course but very quickly after arriving I felt at ease and soon found with your help and guidance I gained more confidence in my ability. Although I had made curtains before you have provided me with the additional skills and knowledge to make high quality professionally finished curtains properly. We learnt such a lot in 5 days and also having such a small class meant we were lucky enough to receive individual attention. I am so pleased I did this course, being shown by someone who has so much knowledge of Curtain Making and Interior Design and who is very happy to share everything needed is invaluable. Thank you Victoria”
Laura, Buckinghamshire – December 2012

“These courses were fantastic! I have just completed both ‘Course One’ and ‘Course Two’ and I would highly recommend to anyone considering embarking on any form of soft furnishings and curtain making. Victoria has a modern and stylish approach with the techniques she uses and has convinced me that items that I once thought may have been old fashioned are still very much desirable and can be modern and up to date in today’s market. The courses are well presented and easy to follow and the group sizes offer you an intimate and personal mood by which to learn and interact with both Victoria and the other students. I am an experienced seamstress but I had no problem finding new techniques and learning new concepts within this course. Victoria’s aimed market is of a very high standard that offers any curtain maker an opportunity to maximise your fee scale based on the excellent standard of work you can produce after completing this course. Thank you Victoria. I now go onwards and upwards to pastures new and exciting business ventures!”
Rebekah, Kent – November 2012

“Victoria is an exceptional teacher, as in five days she is able to transform someone who has no experience of sewing into someone who could make a pair of interlined curtains worthy of any glossy interiors magazine. For those with more experience there is no feeling of being held back as Victoria takes you to a ‘professional’ standard with all those ‘tricks of the trade’ rarely mentioned in curtain making books. These are clearly shown in the comprehensive course notes which will act as a fantastic aide memoir for future projects. The beautiful surroundings of Bury Farm and the amount of laughter between us women in the work room, made it such an enjoyable experience I am going to return for the Advanced course.”
Jackie, Sussex – October 2012

“I have been making curtains for years, though all self taught, and came on ‘Course One’ and ‘Course Two’ to turn a loved hobby into a business. Victoria’s easy manner and patience made both courses a delight, and Bury Farm is a very special place to spend a week learning something new. The small class sizes mean you really get excellent tuition and value for money. I have learnt alot of new skills without being pushed out of my comfort zone, and so am now just very excited at embarking upon the new business challenge!  However, the VH experience doesn’t end there – the post-training support from Victoria is invaluable. Victoria is so generous with her time and advice even after the Course is completed. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”
Helen, Surrey – October 2012

“Thank you very much for yet another fabulous few days at Bury Farm, I thoroughly enjoyed myself as always. Both you and Monty always make me feel so welcome and it makes life so much easier when you have someone to bounce ideas off, especially when they are as knowlegable as you are. I am thrilled with everything we made.. like you, I think the bed runner is stunning.”
Louise, West Yorkshire – August 2012

“Many thanks once again for such an enjoyable second week’s course, although the weather was not as great as my first week, it did not dampen the course or the view from the workshop window. Another fanstastic experience which I will be putting into practice very soon.”
Fiona, Hertfordshire – July 2012

“Thanks for another great week at Bury Farm! I came to Course One with no sewing experience at all and now have the knowledge and confidence to create beautiful soft furnishings. Victoria is an excellent teacher…..I can’t recommend her enough.”
Tara, Scotland – May 2012

“I have just completed ‘Course One’ with Victoria. I thouroughly enjoyed myself and have learnt such alot in one week. The course goes in depth without being daunting. I found it a fantastic environment to learn in; very relaxed and calm. Victoria has the patience of an angel! I have found inspiration and will definetely go on to do ‘Course Two’. Thankyou Victoria.”
Angie, Manchester – April 2012

“Wow! I have just had the most amazing week and met with some lovely people. Thank you so much Victoria for all your time and patience and step by step tuition. I can’t believe how much I achieved from having a very basic knowledge of sewing, to going onto completing the samples. I would definitely recommend this course. I’m now in the process of putting into practice what I have learnt on a larger scale and hope to book on to the Advanced course soon. Bury Farm is a wonderful relaxing place, I’ve had a little escape from it all with a course thrown in too!!”
Alison, Scarborough – March 2012


“Hi Victoria. Just wanted to say thank you for your advice with my last project which I delivered and fitted yesterday – the pelmet and curtains look great together. I also made five cushions, four wardrobe curtains and a bed throw. The client is really delighted and so am I. It has given my confidence a real boost.”
Sarah, Kent – February 2012

“I found the course to be worth every penny. It is surprising how much can be achieved and learnt in 5 days. Victoria has a very calm and patient manner and a wealth of knowledge with regard to curtain making. This enabled everyone to feel at ease and able to ask the simplest of questions. The manual and information supplied were very comprehensive and I am looking forward to doing the Advanced course. The location of Bury Farm is very lovely and the showroom and workroom within it are amazing.”
Caroline, London – January 2012

“Thank you so much for your time and patience. As a total novice to sewing of any description (I haven’t carried out any sewing for over 20 years!), I was absolutely delighted with the course content and all of the stitches and techniques that I managed to achieve. I thoroughly enjoyed the vast content of the course and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone interested in making beautiful hand sewn curtains and blinds no matter how much experience they may have. I have felt inspired to start my own business, and once I have completed the advanced course in February 2012 I am going to build up my client base – with family and friends first and then begin to advertise locally and throughout County Durham. The information and also the after care from you has been excellent and I really can’t wait for February to come around. On a personal level Victoria, you have done wonders for my self confidence and self belief after a few very tough months – thank you so much – and I was lucky enough to meet such lovely people.”
Bev, County Durham – October 2011

“I loved the course, it was exactly what I needed, it provided me with the skills, knowledge and confidence to start up a business. I am buzzing after what was a really intensive but totally enjoyable week. I felt quite nervous doing such an intensive course with very little hand sewing experience, particularly as I haven’t studied so intensively since my degree. Victoria has soooo much patience, and she taught with sensitivity, so everyone felt inspired and capable, that’s quite hard to pull off, but she managed it effortlessly. Even better is that it doesn’t stop there, her continued support is an additional bonus….I wonder how she manages to do it all, but somehow she does. Money well spent.”
Lori, London – September 2011

“Very many thanks for the fabulous week of training I had with you. Having read many of your Testimonials prior to booking the course, I had very high expectations! WOW! I am amazed, but you surpassed them all in every way!! I cannot believe the standard of work which I produced under your guidance and my confidence grew as the week progressed, so a big thank you. It has been a joy to learn from a fellow perfectionist and I could not recommend you more highly to anyone who is interested in learning how to make beautiful soft furnishings. I have not stopped sewing since my return. Today I have been commissioned to make 4 Roman blinds (2 for two different people)! “
Louise, West Yorkshire – June 2011

“An excellent course, in nice, relaxed surroundings, covering everything in great detail. It has given me the knowledge, skills and confidence to successfully put everything I’ve learnt into practice. Victoria is a very experienced and patient teacher, I would have no hesitation in recommending the course and will definitely be booking another in the near future.”
Anne, Essex – April 2011

“I really enjoyed myself on the ‘Design & Making of Window Treatments’ course and felt like I learnt so much in a short time. It was really nice to learn in a small group in such lovely surroundings. I would encourage anyone with a desire to achieve excellence in traditional window treatment methods to enrol on the course.”
Zoe, Wirral – March 2011

“I just loved both courses and the company. I am certainly much more confident now and ready to have a go on my own.”
Declan, South of France – December 2010

“I attended Victoria’s Curtain Making Course so that I could learn how to make beautiful curtains for the cottage that I am moving into. I really wanted to broaden my skills and just learn something new. The week has surpassed my expectations both in my ability to craft something wonderful out of fabric and thread, and in the sheer contentment of producing something completely by hand in tranquil surroundings. Curtain making with Victoria has been a bit of an epiphany. I have laughed a lot, had time to think and contemplate about what I would like to achieve this next year and also made some good friends. I am looking forward to the advanced course and setting up my own business. Thank you Victoria and my lovely course buddies!”
Victoria, Peterborough – November 2010

“Hi Victoria. I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your course was. It gave me all the skills I needed to do the curtains at home to a very high standard. Ten months later I have nearly finished the whole house. Once again thank you for all your help. I never would have done it without your fantastic instruction. It gave me all the confidence I needed.”
Adie, Hertfordshire – October 2010

“Thanks Victoria for your one to one tuition. You have given me the confidence boost I needed. I was very nervous as it had been a long time since I’d done any sewing but I needn’t have worried, you made me feel welcome from the moment I set foot on Bury Farm. You are a fantastic teacher with so much patience, and over the five days you taught me how to produce quality hand sewn curtains and blinds at the same time giving me the encouragement to start my own business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to anyone; it was definitely worth the long journey down from Aberdeen, so much so I can’t wait to book myself on the Advanced course.”
Lynda, Aberdeen – July 2010

“Having completed the 5 day intensive course ‘Design & Making of Window treatments’ after previously knowing nothing about what was involved, I can honestly say I feel confident in choosing, cutting and sewing fabric to produce a quality curtain or blind. I would not have been able to do this without Victoria’s detailed step by step manual and teaching methods. She was able to explain each step in a variety of ways to make all of us understand the task ahead. This course was well planned and Victoria was always welcoming and interested in each of us including our plans for developing our recently acquired curtain making skills. I have already started to look into setting up my business and with my new confidence and and skills alongside Victoria’s fool proof guide of how to start up a curtain making business, everything should go well.”
Catherine, Bolton – September 2010

“Thanks Victoria for your one to one tuition. You have given me the confidence boost I needed. I was very nervous as it had been a long time since I’d done any sewing but I needn’t have worried, you made me feel welcome from the moment I set foot on Bury Farm. You are a fantastic teacher with so much patience, and over the five days you taught me how to produce quality hand sewn curtains and blinds at the same time giving me the encouragement to start my own business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to anyone; it was definitely worth the long journey down from Aberdeen, so much so I can’t wait to book myself on the Advanced course.”
Lynda, Aberdeen – July 2010

“I was lucky enough to get a place on this course last minute, although I was very nervous as I didn’t have any sewing experience. I needn’t have worried; Victoria was very patient with me and very encouraging and I finished the course having gained a first class skill. I hadn’t initially wanted to look on this course as a potential for setiing up my own business, but since finishing this course I’ve already booked onto the advanced course on a one-to-one tuition basis with Victoria. I enjoyed myself immensely, even though the course was very intensive, and it’s made me realise how much I enjoy sewing and appreciate the first class quality of the curtains and blinds that Victoria is teaching us to produce. The very next day I purchased a sewing machine, some materials and am now making a Roman blind for my kitchen and also for a member of my family. My friends all love the samples I made and are already putting in their orders, and i am counting down the days to the advanced course!”
Christine, Essex – April 2010

“Thank you for a really wonderful week. I have learned so much and on top of that feel like I have had a very indulgent dose of ‘me’ time which is rare in my life. It is a great course that you run and do it so well.”
Dee, Hertfordshire – April 2010

“A thoroughly enjoyable course that helps you learn how to make high quality curtains. Victoria shares the experience she has gained over the years, which is invaluable for those who would like to take this forward as a business or apply to their own interior deoration projects.”
Yulia, London – February 2010

“I would like to say a big thank you for a fabulous course last week. The course was fun and interesting and gave me the confidence and enthusiasm for my future as a curtain maker in my soft furnishings business. The location was beautiful and the lunches were great and my course mates were really nice company – thank you.”
Debbie, West Sussex – December 2009

“I have been using the services as provided by Victoria Hammond since August 2009, in wanting to learn how to create and make my own curtains and blinds, purely for my own use – having stopped working and with time on my hands. Having had absolutely no sewing skills or understanding of various styles of furnishings whatsoever, apart from being able to just about sew a button on, I was immediately impressed by how quickly Victoria got me working with creating sample curtains and blinds – with finished results on day one of my training. I loved it so much that after day one, I’ve been coming back time and again to learn more and more new skills and to put these into practice by creating what I believe to be wonderful pieces for my home – so much better than buying curtains or blinds off the peg, or going to a major department store for bespoke items, where they would cost me the earth and for which I have to say no where near as nice as that which I have been able to recreate for my own home – and this is coming from someone who didn’t know anything at all. The pleasure I have gained from this experience has been tremendous – from learning different forms of stitching, to shopping for different materials (pure indulgence) to the finished article – and the best bit of it all is that it is practically all handmade, with very little use of a machine – and looking extremely professional.In each project Victoria has shown creativity, a very quick grasp of the essence of the problems and goals, and a rapid and thorough response. I have been exceedingly happy with the results and it is a pleasure to work with Victoria, who communicates well and gives essential feedback as to the progress of my work. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the services of Victoria Hammond and for my part will continue to do so on a regular basis.I also wanted to add something here about the farm location and the surroundings, which are absolutely fantastic, but I think I could go on and on!!!”
Maritsa, Kent – November 2009

“Thank you for a really enjoyable week in which I learnt so much about curtains and blinds. I loved learning all the various stitches particularly, as you say, so few people do make hand sewn curtains and blinds these days. It is a skill I am so pleased that I have learnt and your courses are pitched at just the right level. I cannot wait for the next one!”
Kate, London – October 2009

“I really enjoyed the 5 day course. We were shown how to make curtains to a very high professional standard. I was very impressed with my sample curtains which I later took home. The class was small and we each had quality time with Victoria. I must say she is very professional and friendly at the same time. The course was definately worth every penny. Thank you for the nice homemade lunches and lifts to the station every evening.”
Joyce, London – September 2009

Just finished my Diploma at Bury Farm – a fantastic location to be creative in such beautiful surroundings. I was fortunate to be able to complete all three courses along with cushions consecutively. The courses are very well structured with comprehensive guidance notes.  I had the pleasure of meeting a great bunch of ladies all with the same desire… to make beautiful curtains and soft furnishings. Victoria’s tuition, knowledge and experience not only in the making of curtains but running a business is invaluable. Thank you! Finola, London – March 2017

First and foremost I would like to express a big thanks to you Victoria, Kathryn, Andra and Sue. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful making my training experience even more memorable. A fantastic time was had, it has been an intense and most rewarding experience. I opted to fast track my Diploma over the last month and a half. Having some experience, I was looking for a course that would fill the gaps in my knowledge and give my work a professional finish. I joined Course One with an open mind; on completion of Course One, Two & Three, including the Cushion Course, I can say that my expectations have been more than exceeded. The courses are structured in a way that you start with the basics (Course One), which gives a solid foundation coupled with advice on setting up a business and the Curtain Fitting Seminar. You are taught many aspects in the production of curtains and blinds, from preparation, selection of track and poles, right through the installation. I have a greater appreciation for the whole profession. At the end of each day there is a great sense of achievement that I was eager to attend the following morning and move on to the next project and then the same for the consecutive weeks. The subsequent Courses Two and Three continuously builds upon what you have learnt previously, with projects that give you the opportunity to practice, master and gain additional techniques associated with making various curtain headings, blinds and bedcovers. I am now more confident to offer Valance headings, Swags and Tails, Arched windows as part of my services. The Course Three Silent Gliss seminar, a leading supplier of curtain and blind systems, gave an informative overview on how to use some of their systems. In addition a demonstration on the wave curtains and how the system works, a good insight from a commercial perspective. To round off nicely, I decided to take Cushion Course at the end, where two enjoyable days were spent making cushions, which made a nice accompaniment to the other courses. Victoria is patient, offers practical advice, coupled with hands on tutoring that is very thorough and guides you along to complete everything to the highest of standards. By the end of each week you have a wide range of beautiful samples that can be shown to perspective clients as well as terms of reference to go with your notes. Everything that you need to progress through the courses are provided for you, easy to follow training manual, materials, including tools etc. I found this useful as it removes any ambiguity around using or having the right tools at the start of each course, also with the option to purchase if so needed. I have learnt a lot and have quickly seen an improvement to my skills, where I am reaping the benefits. I am now armed with insider knowledge on how to make quality curtains and soft furnishings. Set in the beautiful location of Bury Farm, I found the environment relaxed; where both the workroom and showroom are great places for learning and the exchanging of ideas with fellow students. The showroom is filled with lots of fabric samples, brochures, books and magazines that have been a source inspiration for my own projects. I had so much fun meeting and training with wonderful ladies too. We worked hard and very well together, with the occasional giggle. I can say there was never a dull day. I am still smiling. Great connections made. With requests coming my direction, I look forward to channeling all that I have learnt into a business and hope to return sometime soon to further my skills even more. I am so pleased that I made the decision to train at the Victoria Hammond Academy. I now have been awarded my Diploma. It was definitely worth the investment. One very happy Student. Cheryl, London – November 2016

A huge ‘thank you’ Victoria for giving me the confidence and ability to start making my own Roman blinds. You are a great teacher and a consummate professional. Your enthusiasm was inspiring and the day exceeded all my expectations, as did the wonderful location. Oh…and the coffee was great as well!!! I will most definitely be signing up for more of your courses. Susie, Milton Keynes – August 2016

I have just completed Course 1 in Curtain Making and would like to thank Victoria for the wonderful and inspiring time I spent at Bury Farm. Apart from the fact that we were treated to chocolate biscuits, tea and coffee at every opportunity, Victoria’s style of teaching is friendly yet professional, and her knowledge and experience shone through. I was particularly impressed with her dedication to detail. The location is beautiful and it was such a pleasure to drive out of London every day. Thanks also to Sue who looked after us so well and to Andra who popped in to help. I will definitely be back for Courses 2 & 3, and would recommend Victoria’s courses to anyone who either wants to make bespoke curtains for themselves or start their own curtain making business. By the way the DVD is great!
Carolyn, London – June 2016

Victoria, I would like to thank you very much for all the great work that you do. I thoroughly enjoyed doing Course One 25-29 April. The time seemed to just fly by. I love the way you teach. You speak very clearly and the way you demonstrate makes it easy to understand/pick up what you are teaching. I felt at ease, I never got tired as I thought I would. The course is structured very well and you gain a lot of information in a short space of time. A massive thank you to Sue for helping me get what I needed, and helping me get accommodation for Course Two week and making us tea and coffee. Everyone was so lovely and very helpful. A big thank you to John the fitter who gave us a lot of information about fitting curtains and blinds and how to go about finding the right fitter etc. Thank you to Andrea for helping and the information you gave us. It makes me feel confident and I look forward to starting my own business. I am looking forward to doing Course Two and Three.
Trish, Essex – April 2016

Thank you Victoria for a wonderful 2 days on the cushion making course. I absolutely loved it and I find your courses so great and the premises and location wonderful. Thank you for your professionalism and the skills that you share , Louisa X
Louisa, Berkshire – March 2016

What a wonderful week I have just had on Course One; I enjoyed the course immensely, learning new skills together with a lovely group of like-minded people eager to learn. Set in a beautiful farm setting; Victoria and her team were very welcoming, extremely helpful with their guidance and no question was too small or silly to be answered. Victoria delivered the course in a friendly, professional manner and she made sure we clearly understood all the skills and calculations needed at every step of the curtain and blind making process. I can’t
recommend this course highly enough to anyone wishing to learn to create curtains professionally either for their home or as a platform to set up their own business. I definitely look forward to attending more courses with Victoria in the future.
Vanessa, Suffolk – April 2016

I throughly enjoyed Course 1, feeling inspired, can’t wait to do Course 2 & 3. I will be practising my new skills in my workroom till then! I was in heaven for a week and Monty made me feel at home; very welcoming setting.
Fiona, Scotland – February 2016

Thankyou Victoria for yet another brilliant course this week. I have been at my sewing machine since 6am this morning as I was so excited to start to put into practice everything you taught us.I felt a bit sad sitting at my machine by myself as it is such fun learning with others in your workroom and I missed the banter and camaraderie. All I can say is if anyone is thinking about learning to make curtains or soft furnishings and want to do so to professional standards (either to start their own business or for themselves) it is a must to be taught by Victoria Hammond and I would recommend you to anyone. Your courses are brilliant and you are such patient teacher and the comprehensive back up notes you provide are invaluable. All I can say is your many years of experience in your field shows and I am delighted that you have started a training academy to impart your massive amount of knowledge to us. The courses are so well designed and varied that they are really reallyenjoyable and I have loved every minute of them.
Charlotte, Northampton – December 2015

Hi Victoria. Thank you once again for a fantastic week in your lovely workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed Course 2 and i’m quite sad its over!!! This week really reinforced everything that we learnt on Course 1, and the making of the full sized curtain has helped me greatly in myconfidence.I absolutely loved doing the moodboards and all of the valances, fringes and embellishments. You have such a lovely range of fabrics and embellishments I could havestayed all night long putting ideas together. I am already looking forward to returning for the cushions course. Thank you xx
Rebecca, Surrey – September 2015

Thank you so much Victoria for such a wonderful week, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The curtains and Blinds that you have taught us to make are absolutely beautiful, all handmade with such attention to detail. I left the course feeling highly motivated and excited about being able to make such wonderful curtains and blinds. I am already in the process of setting myself up at home and have some people interested after showing them the samples that I made on the course. Really looking forward to Course 2 in October.
Rebecca, Surrey – September 2015

Dear Victoria. I have nothing but praise for your wonderful course in such a beautiful setting. It was so nice to meet you and I thought your style of teaching was perfect. I would encourage anyone who is considering doing the course to go ahead. As you say on your website, the course is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced sewers. I have since had time to read the hand outs in more detail; along with the practical skills gained during the course, the notes give very clear and concise instructions to allow beautiful soft furnishings to be made. It was also very nice to meet Sue and she was most helpful. Thank you again for the opportunity to learn curtain making skills to such a high standard. I wish you continued success with all you have achieved.
Carol, Hertfordshire – September 2015

Dearest Victoria. Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful week with a super group of girls. I really did not know I was capable of creating anything nearly as beautiful as I did during your course, but under the superb tuition anything was possible! I would highly recommend anyone considering a career making curtains, blinds and soft furnishings do your courses. Your gentle encouragement and your generosity in sharing not only your knowledge and skill, but your contacts and experience too, are invaluable. Merci beaucoup. Pip x
Philippa, Switzerland – June 2015

I just wanted to thank you for the course days that I attended. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting yourself and all the other lovely ladies. I have now changed the way I work and am so pleased with the results. All the days were so inspiring, I’m looking forward to the next one!
Jo, Surrey – May 2015

Thank you so much for your email and your tuition last week. I can honestly say I have not enjoyed myself so much in ages and you are an inspiration.
Chloe, Essex – May 2015

“I recently attended Course 1. I am a complete beginner with no previous sewing experience and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. Victoria is very patient and reassuring and I gained so much confidence from her. Victoria has been a true inspiration. My family were so impressed with my curtain and Roman blind samples that I can’t wait to start making my daughters curtains. I’m really looking forward to attending Course 2 in a couple of weeks time. Thank you Victoria for such a wonderful week.”
Julia, Essex – March 2015

“Course 1 provided me with a comprehensive understanding and practical guide to making several curtain styles and Roman blinds. Victoria is highly skilled in this area and shares her knowledge freely including hints and tips that helped us get the best possible finish to our curtain samples. To be able to arrive on Monday morning without having to buy tools and materials in advance (all provided on the course) is great and to complete the week with several curtain samples and a Roman blind to take home is very satisfying. Victoria is also reassuring that after the course she is still there to give advice and support where necessary, I’m already looking forward to Course 2!”
Carolyn, Buckinghamsire – February 2015

“Last week’s course was one of the most uplifting and rewarding weeks I’ve ever spent – hence my being drawn back, magnet-like, to your cushion course in a fortnight’s time. I appreciate high quality furnishings. With my mother-in-law being an interior designer, I’ve benefited from always having bespoke, top quality curtains and blinds in my home, so I knew the standard I wanted to achieve. I recognised just from the Roman Blind course in July that, in order to do so, you are absolutely the perfect teacher to help me achieve that top standard. Your wise counsel and guidance on setting up a business making soft furnishings was extremely thorough and helpful. John’s talk on professional track and pole fitting was also spot on – to the extent that I’ve recommended the course to a friend in the village who I know will make an excellent fitter, having all the qualities that John highlighted. Attending your course has confirmed that this is the right direction for me, and I’m looking forward to setting up a business over the coming years, initially while still employed, which will carry me on into retirement. The materials for my workroom arrive today, so it’s all been set in train. I’m hugely looking forward to the cushion course, and to course 2 in March. Thank you so much, Victoria.”
Melanie, Oxford – November 2014

“Private Tuition for ladies who have just set up business together in Switzerland;
I want to say how very much I enjoyed your course and what a delight it was meeting you. I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending all your services.
I just wanted to write to thank you for having me on the course with you. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and I feel so much more confident going forwards with the business at this point. Your tuition was invaluable.
Lynne & Pip, Switzerland – November 2014

“Having been working in the interior design industry for many years and growing up with my grandmother and mother making curtains, I felt it was about time that I expanded my knowledge of the processes involved and what you can actually achieve. Victoria’s courses are intensive and cover so many areas of curtain making and soft furnishings. Victoria is a wonderful tutor with such patience and has enabled me to take my business to the next level. Whether you are looking to have a career change, or enhance an existing business I would highly recommend attending Victoria’s ‘Course One’ and ‘Course Two’. Next year I am hoping to complete the cushion and bed dressings courses as popularity for these services are on the increase.”
Siobhan, Buckinghamshire – October 2014

“Victoria Hammond Interiors at Bury Farm is a perfect centre for learning bespoke Curtain Making. Victoria offers excellent tuition in this lovely tranquil setting. The intensive courses are delivered in a calm manner with an abundance of patience! I was with a lovely group of women for both courses and while there was much laughter a high standard of sewing was achieved. The advice and business session was extremely helpful . A very happy and productive time.”
Elspeth, Hampshire – May 2014

“Course One is extremely enjoyable and provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of interiors with like minded people, in a lovely setting under the expert tutelage of Victoria. Her step by step approach works really well for sewers of all abilities and the small course size enables you to benefit from Victoria’s close attention. By the end of the course you will be really proud of the samples you have produced all in beautiful fabrics. All aspects of setting up your own soft furnishing business are covered and the detailed notes that accompany the course prove an indispensable guide once you have returned home. I highly recommend this quality intensive course as an excellent starting point if you are thinking of pursuing a career in soft furnishings and interiors.”
Emma, Plymouth – February 2014

“Victoria, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise over this last week. When I arrived on Monday morning for the start of Course One, I was very nervous. You made everyone very welcome and at ease in your beautiful home. The course was excellent. Your thorough presentation, course notes together with your calm and patient approach made learning so much easier. Information you passed on regarding your own experiences will prove invaluable for the future. I have only been home 24 hours but already starting my first project. Hoping to do Course Two very soon. Thank you once again.”
Colette, Northumberland – March 2014

“Patience and expertise all rolled in to one is what you will find on one of Victoria’s courses. An amazingly talented soft furnisher, Victoria will help you leave her courses with all the confidence you need whether it’s to set up your own business or simply make your own curtains at home. And to top that off, being amongst other learners is a joy in itself. My week at Bury Farm can simply be described as restorative and refreshing (and much cheaper than therapy!)”
Helen, Cambridge – April 2014

“Hope this email finds you well and the courses are busy and successful. I always remember my week there as a truly happy, peaceful and empowering one. It gave me belief in myself. I hope one day I can come back and do more.”
Dee, Hertfordshire – October 2013

“Once again I really enjoyed the course, I always come away full of enthusiasm to get going, your teaching is excellent. It was lovely to see you again. Thank you for the measurements for the blinds and for the price list, in future I will definitely order fabrics and blind materials through you. It was lovely to see you again. I will also check the dates of your future Course One and upcoming Bed Dressing courses and get booked.”
Linda, Surrey – February 2014

“Just completed Course 1 with Victoria and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Victoria is an excellent teacher; the instruction is methodical, thorough and professional throughout. Bury Farm is a beautiful venue for a course and everyone is put at their ease and made to feel very welcome. I’m really glad I’ve found Victoria and her courses as she offers much more than just tuition with on-going support and forums. I’m very much looking forward to Course 2 in March.”
Nikki, Oxford – July 2013

“I thoroughly enjoyed both Course One and Course Two and learned a huge amount at a fast pace. Victoria has given me the techniques as well as the confidence to make a large range of window dressings and I look forward to putting it into practice!”
Catherine, London – June 2013

“I have just completed my first week  on course one with Victoria. It was full-on and fun and I have met some lovely people. I am excited about the development of a members forum on the website which will be really useful for ideas and support. I feel that I have learned so much and can’t wait to get started with my business. I have already contacted suppliers to open up trade accounts using Victoria’s recommended list, so that has been invaluable. Thanks Victoria and can’t wait to do the next course.”
Jacqueline, Surrey – May 2013

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your expertise and skills that you so kindly passed on to us during ‘Course One’ April 2013. As you know I booked this course with you and was feeling extremely nervous to leave my children and travel on my own for a week away, well I can without a doubt say I can’t wait to come back to you at Bury Farm! Your warm welcome, hospitality and good measure of patience were enough to make me feel at ease and settle straight into the course. The skills, knowledge, and support passed on have now given me the confidence to continue forward on this new career venture. This was a huge step for me, and has boosted my confidence on so many levels. A big thank you too for sharing Monty the Dog with us for the week. I’m looking forward to next year already.”
Dale, Aberdeen – May 2013

“I have just attended one week’s one-to-one tuition with Victoria as a complete amateur. I was a little nervous to start with, but no need to be, as Victoria was excellent at explaining and showing how things should be done. I am hoping to start making curtains on a part time basis and Victoria’s course has given me the skill to measure and make curtains with confidence. I am hoping to attend Course Two as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a sewing course this is highly recommended. Victoria is superb, and the setting is lovely.
Lee, Suffolk – March 2013

“Thank you so much Victoria for a wonderful week. You were such a patient and inspirational teacher, I am looking forward to Course Two and then on to starting up my own curtain making business. I wasn’t sure whether I had the confidence to do it before attending your course, but with your excellent advice and backup I now feel that I can. I would definitely recommend your courses to other people.”
Karen, Wiltshire – April 2013

“I have just completed both 5 day courses 1 and 2, and am now feeling very enthusiastic about setting up my own curtain making business. Everyone receives a warm welcome at Bury Farm and Victoria ‘s courses are well presented and paced for all levels. The classes are small and Victoria is very thorough in both her presentation, course notes and providing lots of tips from her own experiences which will be invaluable in the future. I have lots of samples from the two courses and these are already receiving many compliments from family and friends. I also attended the ‘Professional Track and Pole Fitting’ course which has given me the confidence not only to put up curtain tracks, poles and pelmet boards but to have the knowledge to talk to clients about their requirements. I had absolutely no experience in this area and John explains the process very clearly and patiently and would suggest that this course is a must for anyone who will be advising their clients on suitable tracks and poles.”
Sally, Buckinghamshire – April 2013

“I have recently completed both courses and cannot thank Victoria enough. I was a complete beginner, therefore having to take in an awful lot of information. Victoria’s knowledge in this field and her experience in training not only made each course manageable but made the whole experience fun and enjoyable. I am amazed with the amount of samples I have come home with and how much information I have retained from each course. With a little practice I feel ready to start my own pieces of wonderfulness to hang in my own home, then hopefully in other peoples too. Thank you Victoria, I had a wonderful time with you and the other girls on each of the courses at the very idyllic Bury Farm.”
Louise, Wiltshire – January 2013

“After completing ‘Course One’ I felt ready and excited for ‘Course Two’. ‘Course Two’ is certainly a big leap but Victoria manages to teach and explain everything in very simple terms. To know you are being taught to such a high standard gives you a huge amount of satisfaction, confidence and self belief. It’s great to be taught by somebody with so much knowledge and who is current within the industry, with lots of professional tips and advice for those wanting to make a business out of it. The two courses have given me the confidence to go forward and set up my own business secure in the knowledge that Victoria is there to help along the way. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone.”
Louise, Surrey – November 2012

“I recently attended Course One (5 days) in ‘Design and Making of Window Treatments Certificate’ at the beautiful and idyllic Bury Farm run by Victoria Hammond. For someone who was a novice and could barely thread a needle, I found the course to be very beneficial to me. Victoria is a very patient and calm teacher and actually took the time to explain, encourage and made sure every detail was understood. I would happily recommend the course to anyone thinking of setting up their own curtain making business as it gives an insight into what can be achieved. I would also like to thank Victoria for all the helpful hints she passed on to us on the course. I am definitely hoping to return to complete the Advanced course in the near future. Thank you Victoria and all the girls I met on the course for the wonderful experience. Hope to see you soon.”
Betty, London – November 2012

“I had a great week at Bury Farm and felt very privileged to be taught by Victoria Hammond who has a great wealth of knowledge in professional curtain making and interior design. The workshop was ideal with all the equipment to hand and being a small class, we each received individual attention from Victoria. My family and friends are very impressed with the samples I made and I feel very proud of my achievement. I now feel confident in making my own curtains and knowing that I can contact Victoria if I need any advice is an added bonus. I am looking forward to attending Course Two in the near future. Many thanks Victoria.”
Linda, Essex – October 2012

“Victoria. Thank you so much for two fabulous weeks. It was so much more than just ‘curtain making & soft furnishings’ – it was two weeks of fun and good company, in beautiful surroundings, doing something I love (and have been reminded how therapeutic I find it), with a little maths and problem solving thrown in to spice it all up! I look forward to the further courses you have spoken about doing and hope to be back down again in the not too distant future.”
Catriona, Scotland – October 2012

“Hello Victoria. Thank you so much for your email and attachments. I thoroughly enjoyed your curtain making course which was packed with valuable instruction and tips. I greatly appreciated your generous nature and patient teaching style. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone, whether they are new to the craft or wishing to consolidate and improve upon their skills. Having attended, I certainly regard it as a solid investment! As a small token of my appreciation, I have included an Amazon voucher to help you get started with your learning of French.”
Karen, Huntingdon – August 2012

“Hi Victoria. I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Bury Farm. I learned a great deal and am already looking forward to returning in November to build upon the skills learned in the first week. I found the course to be well structured that struck a good balance between work and enjoyment. I really appreciated your excellent style of teaching and your friendly and pleasant approach. I have already been recommending this to friends and family as an excellent course to attend.”
Susan, Cambridge – May 2012<

“I recently completed both week long courses and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Victoria is an exceptional teacher and I feel I have come away with the knowledge and confidence to go it alone. I can not recommend these courses enough to anyone thinking of doing them, whether it be with a view to setting up a business or just for pleasure.”
Gemma, London – May 2012

“I have been making curtains and blinds for several years, though all self taught!! The course has been a real insight as to how to do it properly with a very high quality professional finish. It has also given me the courage to set up my own curtain and blind making business. Thank you so much.”
Andra, Buckinghamshire – March 2012

“I recently completed ‘Course Two’ with Victoria and feel a real sense of achievement as to what I created. I couldn’t believe what we had managed to achieve after the first course but the second course reinforced everything I had learned and then gave me a whole new set of skills. Victoria carefully explains all the techniques and gives you the confidence to create window treatments you didn’t know you were capable of. The course notes are detailed and invaluable when you get home and don’t have Victoria there at your side!”
Susanne, London – February 2012

“Set in the stunning and inspiring grounds of Bury Farm, this course is run with utter professionalism and incredible organisation. Victoria’s patience, encouragement and warm ease of manner create the perfect learning ground from the beginner to the professional. None of us wanted to leave! A true sense of achievement and fulfilment. I can’t recommend this course more highly.”
Sara, Courchevel France – January 2012

“Wow, brilliant, fantastic. Even if you don’t need new curtains right now I would still recommend this course. Maximum 6 to a course so lots of personal attention and it was amazing what I learned. I arrived with absolutely no idea what to expect and feeling rather nervous because I had no experience whatsoever in curtain making or sewing of any kind, but I was soon made to feel very welcome and put at my ease by Victoria. Yes the course was intense but Victoria maintained a pace that kept us all on track so that we were never too far ahead or behind each other. I cannot believe what I learned and I am so proud of my samples. The venue is lovely even in early December and although we were busy it was so relaxing, it was almost like a holiday so restful and fulfilling. I was totally delighted with the course and amazed at the new skills I learned and now have to put them to use in my home before going back and completing the second part early 2012 I hope.”
Gail, Cambridge – December 2011


“This is a great course, especially if you are a perfectionist like me who notices all the little details and doesn’t want to settle for anything less! The course has been a very wise investment for me as I have lots of projects at my home and I now feel more than confident in tackling them to a standard as good as any interior design shop could offer. Victoria pitches her teaching perfectly and this coupled with the great company of the other students made it a wonderful week.”
Nicki, Berkshire – October 2011

“As someone who has been sewing from an early age, I had made several pairs of curtains for my home. However, they always lacked that professional finish that you see in the shops. When I discovered Victoria’s Curtain Making Course whilst browsing the internet, I booked on to the next available course. Arriving at Bovingdon on the first day I met up with five other ladies – all of us eager to learn! Victoria’s training was absolutely first class; somehow she managed to keep us all at the same pace so that none of us was either too far behind, or too far in front. I came home buzzing with excitement about all of what I have learnt. I cannot wait to go back later on this year to do Course Two. Once I have done that I am planning to set up my own business.”
Julie, Bedfordshire – September 2011

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the fitting course last week. Being a reasonably experienced handyman I have fitted a number of window dressings in the past. However I gained considerable benefit from the course, especially from realising how important it is to get extremely accurate measurements, assembling my own tracks which can save a lot of money and learning some ‘tricks of the trade’. Specifically, the method of measuring and manufacturing the track to fit various types of bay windows was extremely useful.”
Chris, West Yorkshire – September 2011

“Thanks so much for such an inspiring two weeks! I thoroughly enjoyed every day spent with you. I am still amazed at how much I achieved, and am so glad that after the years of soul searching I have at last discovered what I was put on this earth to do! To anyone considering following suit, don’t hesitate. A comprehensive two week course (Course One & Course Two), covering all relevant aspects of making and starting your own curtain and soft furnishing business.”
Emily, Kent – June 2011

“I loved every minute of Victoria’s 5 day ‘Design & Making of Window Treatments’ course. If you are looking to do something new just for yourself or start up your own business, look no further for this is the course for you. Victoria’s attention to detail and quality of work is quite outstanding, you will simply be amazed as to what you will achieve in five days. I cannot recommend this course highly enough and can’t wait to go back and do the advanced course. Thank you Victoria!!!”
Rebecca, Wales – March 2011

“Thank you very much for all your help last week, I really enjoyed the Advanced course and have so many new ideas for furnishings around my home and for getting my business started. The other ladies on the course were lovely so it was a really enjoyable week and I feel we achieved so much.”
Lynne, Edinburgh – February 2011

“Thank you Victoria for your hard work in developing a course which teaches so much in a short time. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and was really impressed by the beautiful curtain and blind samples we made. I would highly recommend this course as Victoria is very patient, hard working and professional. I’m really looking forward to starting the Advanced course in a few weeks time.”
Julie, Wirral – December 2010

“I had a thoroughly enjoyable 5 days on the ‘Design and Making of Window Treatments’ course last week and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in curtain making. It was a well structured course in which we practised the techniques to produce high quality samples and also came away with a detailed manual with step by step instructions. It was good fun with great company and Victoria was a very patient and helpful teacher. The sessions on starting a business and curtain fitting were very informative and it was helpful to see a workroom in operation. I learnt so much and now feel really confident and motivated to start my own business. Can’t wait for the advanced course.”
Amanda, Buckinghamshire – November 2010

“I had a great week at Bury Farm and thoroughly enjoyed the course. We learned an incredible amount in a very short time, and came away with great practical knowledge but also invaluable business advice. Victoria is very motivational in her teaching and I left with a renewed confidence. I am very glad I made the decision to choose this course.”
Caron, East Sussex – September 2010

I can not recommend the course enough, it was a wonderful 5 days that went too quickly. Victoria was a fantastic teacher, making the process of curtain and blind making simple and easy to follow. The course was extremely inspirational and I leave filled with confidence and enthusiasm.
Caroline, London – June 2010

“I loved everything about the ‘Design & Making of Window treatments’ course. Victoria is an excellent teacher with lots of patience. I left the course feeling inspired and amazed at what I had achieved in the 5 days. I cannot recommend this course enough.”
Suzanne, Essex – August 2010

“I can not recommend the course enough, it was a wonderful 5 days that went too quickly. Victoria was a fantastic teacher, making the process of curtain and blind making simple and easy to follow. The course was extremely inspirational and I leave filled with confidence and enthusiasm.”
Caroline, London – June 2010

“I attended the course to find out how to make curtains with a view to starting a business in the future; this course has given me everything that I need to do this and indeed exceeded my expectations so far. The reason for this is that Victoria teaches to the level that she approaches her own work and as a result I am sure that I have been taught to the very highest standard. Considering the course synopsis covers a great deal in the week, the pace was right and didn’t feel rushed or overwhelming; it was really enjoyable and informal. Victoria’s experience and knowledge of the industry added value too, in giving us extra information around the subject.”
Cymbeline, London – April 2010

“Wow, what a fantastic course. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone interested. Victoria is a patient teacher, and not only does she teach you how to make a quality product, she shares many of the little tips she has gained through her years of experience. I look forward in being able to attend the Advanced course in the future.”
Lesley, West Sussex – March 2010

“My experience on my five day one to one training course with Victoria was nothing but positive. Not only was the entire course very detailed on how to make hand sewn curtains, but through Victoria’s enthusiasm and encouragement, I gained confidence that I needed to proceed on my own. Now that I know the real difference between good quality hand-made curtains and machine manufactured curtains, I find myself looking at curtain hems wherever I go! Victoria was incredibly honest and happy to give advice on how to set up my own business. I would definitely recommend her!”
Susan, Wiltshire – January 2010

“Hi Victoria. I would like to say a personal thank you for all of your help on the five day course. I initally decided to go on the course to see if I would actually be any good at making curtains and blinds. It was always something I was very interested in but had no knowledge or experience of. I feel like I’ve come away from the course with not only more knowledge but also with the tools to take what I’ve learned further. I think with a bit more practice i could actually earn a living doing something I enjoy which is something not many people can say, especially just after five days. Victoria is a fantastic teacher with a lot of patience and she makes you feel comfortable from the beginning. The lunches and relaxing setting only add to the enjoyment you get along with the course. I would definately recommend the course to anyone with an interest.”
Amy, Middlesex – December 2009

“Victoria thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Having not known where to begin with making curtains, I am now quite confident I will be able to make my curtains for my own home and can’t wait to get started. The course is taught in a way that enables you to remember the methods involved in making curtains whilst also being fun. An added bonus to the course is the delightful farm in which the workshop and showroom is set, so pretty and tranquil. I look forward to coming back to learn how to make blinds and pelmets.”
Alison, Surrey – November 2009

“Victoria, thank you so much for the 2 day one-to-one sessions I spent with you. I learnt so much from you and so many new techniques. I will look forward to seeing you again.
Pauline, Herts – October 2009This course was fabulous; really informative and enjoyable. I learned so much from Victoria and can now make curtains with a professional finish I had never achieved before. At last I have the confidence to strike out on my own and have already ordered my business cards! Thank you so much Victoria.

Jane, Kent – September 2009

“I arrived at Bury Farm with virtually no knowledge of curtain and blind making. Now having completed the 5 day course, I am very excited about getting started. A well balanced course covering all the necessary practical aspects as well as lots of useful information on getting a business started. I found the whole week thoroughly enjoyable with each day covering something different. Victoria was incredibly patient throughout and was more than happy to go back over anything that I wasn’t 100% about. A well thought out course, complemented with detailed notes and a thorough and patient tutor – I would highly recommend it!”
Katrina, London – August 2009

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course at Bury Farm. The course manual is very well written and thorough in its approach and Victoria is a patient teacher who is always open to questions and was very generous with her time. The week was intensive and I came away feeling like I had learned a lot but, at the same time, the setting was relaxing and the food was delicious! I would thoroughly recommend this course to both beginners and more advanced sewers alike and I intend to return to complete further courses in different skills.”
Helen, Newcastle – August 2009

“Having completed a one day’s Roman blind making course, I was very pleased with the results! The day was intensive and enjoyable and Victoria was professional and friendly. I now feel confident in making customised Roman blinds and feel I have achieved a solid grounding from which to develop my sewing skills. I may be back for more courses in the future!”
Louise, London – July 2009

“I am really glad that I came on the course and I feel that it was well worth every penny. I am keen to get started but like everything else must wait for my husband to convert the outbuildings so I can have a workroom table and industrial sewing machine. I will send you photos when I have got started! Thank you for everything. I may come down again and do a course in bed covers etc.”
Jeanette, Yorkshire – July 2009

Thank you so much for the wonderful teaching you provided. You are a professional, highly knowledgeable and very patient teacher. Not only did I learn how to make curtains, blinds and pelmets to a very high standard but I also left feeling excited, inspired and most importantly confident in my abilities to start a curtain making business. That is exactly what I was expecting from an accredited course. It was also a fun week as I met lots of interesting ladies from various parts of the country who share similar interest and passion. I am sure I will stay in touch with them in the future. I totally fell in love with your courses and I can’t wait to be back. Gordana, Surrey – February 2017

I have recently returned from beautiful Bury Farm having completed ‘Course Three’. I was a complete beginner when I embarked on ‘Course One’ and now, thanks to Victoria’s calm approach to teaching along with her patience and expertise, I have gained my Diploma giving me the confidence to embark on my new career. Although the courses were intensive, there was always a great camaraderie with lots of laughter too and I have met some lovely ladies from all over the UK and beyond. Thank you Victoria for your patience and guidance and thank you too Kathryn for looking after us all with a lovely pot of tea, fresh coffee and chocolate biscuits waiting for us during our breaks! Carol, Suffolk – October 2016

The cushion course taught by Victoria was everything I expected to be and much more. The class was well structured into three very different cushion types, but most importantly for me; the two concealed zip types including the invisible zipper method as well as the trimming details learnt over the two days have taken my basic cushion making skills to the next level. Having already completed Course One, this class was again delivered in a professional and friendly manner. Coupled with this and the after-course support of the student forum; there is advice readily available from both Victoria and former students who help to provide the perfect encouragement to ‘go it alone’ and create custom made items using the skills learnt on Victoria’s courses. Vanessa, Suffolk – August 2016

I had a great time and this last week helped to cement everything I had learnt on courses one and two. I now feel confident that I can produce professional curtains and blinds and do myself proud. Thank you Victoria, for passing on your knowledge and skills and for making the last few weeks a joy. ? Only one problem……I need another reason to visit the farm again….perhaps lampshades next year ?.
Claudette, London – May 2016

I have very recently completed my three courses in Professional Curtain Making and Soft Furnishings and have been awarded my Diploma. I could not recommend these courses enough. If you are a sewing enthusiast and want to take it further, then this course is for you or if you are a beginner go for it. Victoria makes the course so special, such a wonderful lady, a great teacher, with a witty sense of humor… she makes you feel very welcome, right at home and very comfortable I feel like I’ve known her for years! I am already planning with a lady I met on the course to go back to do mini courses. I cant wait, I have made such lovely friends there. Also not forgetting the beautiful setting of Bury Farm – oh i could move there its beautiful. And not forgetting our Sue, the admin lady – another beautiful kind lady who helped me loads with bits and pieces, thank you Sue! What more can i say, intense that it is..i am coming back..and i don’ t know what I will do when i have no more courses to attend! Thanks again Victoria for everything you have done for me when I attended Bury Farm and for taking me under your wing.
Edwina, N Ireland – April 2016

As for what I thought of COURSE ONE, it really is a fantastic course for anyone planning to start up a curtain and blind making business. The combination of your clear, patient and detailed teaching in to how to make curtains, blinds and pelmets professionally coupled with the seminars on how to run the business makes it a brilliant course. It was just what I needed. Victoria’s attention to detail in the teaching meant that all of my practical making questions were fully answered, having had some experience in making curtains and blinds
previously. I hadn’t made them to the standard set by Victoria, which is what is required for a business. I learnt a great deal and really enjoyed the company of the other students in the group as we all share a love of soft furnishings and interior design. The learning environment is just right and there is a huge amount of information covered in the week. Victoria is very generous in sharing her experience of running her business, even giving details of which suppliers to use and how to manage clients, costings and fittings. Thank you so much for
everything last week and I look forward to the next course.
Lynne, Surrey – February 2016

Dear Victoria. Thankyou for my Diploma certificate which arrived in the post today. All three certificates can now be framed and put on my workroom wall. I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved in the past year and I want to thank you for your patience and expertise when training. I’ve met some lovely ladies and have thoroughly enjoyed every day spent at Bury Farm. I wish you success with expanding your business in 2016. More practise for me on family and friends and then I’ll be ready to go.. this time next year! Take care and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Sarah, Buckinghamshire – December 2015

Having competed ‘Course One’, I know it to be the best financial investment I could make in learning how to create beautiful bespoke window dressings. Victoria is clear, concise and patient in her instruction, and you are working with the most luxurious quality materials. The training is set in informal and tranquil surroundings which aids the learning process. The comprehensive instruction folder provided will I know be an excellent point of reference for now and into the future.
Donna, Oxford – October 2015

Thank you Victoria for sharing your knowledge, skills and experience to give us the confidence and skills to make beautiful handmade curtains and blinds. I really enjoyed everything about Course One but left wondering if I would be able to put any of what I had learned into practice – after arriving home and reading back through the manual I realised that it had all gone in and I can be successful! I am looking forward to returning to complete Course Two as soon as I can fit it in ahead of setting up my soft furnishing business.
Jude, Northampton – September 2015

Thank you Victoria. I loved every minute of this week’s course – can’t wait for Course Two in October.
Maralyn, Buckinghamshire – September 2015

I recently attended Course One and would like to thank you very much for your kind words, support and patience. I have not done sewing for so many years and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. With your help and excellent tuition, I have produced some lovely samples and now have the “sewing bug”. Being in such lovely surroundings made it so easy for me to concentrate, it was so peaceful. I am now looking forward to attending Course Two in October to learn even more.
Jane, Somerset – July 2015

Following the 2 day cushion course I decided to book the initial curtain course and I thoroughly enjoyed the week spent with Victoria and the other ladies on the course. We learnt a lot in the week, much more than I thought I would but as Victoria is such a great teacher it was all really enjoyable – even the theory! It’s a great course and I really loved showing everyone the samples we had made…now it’s time to put it into practice!
Kathie, London – May 2015

“A huge thank you for such an informative and professional week. Your patient and clear guidance was inspiring and we are raring to go again. When ever we feel ourselves waning, we shall be back for an inspiring pep up! Keep going with all that you are doing.”
Elizabeth & Susannah, Somerset – March 2015

“Victoria’s curtain courses are taught in a relaxed and professional manner, they are suitable for complete beginners or if you want to enhance your existing sewing skills. You cover lots of different techniques in a short space of time, which is very rewarding and gives you the confidence to set up your own business. I highly recommend ‘Course One’. I am looking forward to attending and completing ‘Course Two’ in a couple of weeks.”
Caroline, Somerset – February 2015

“Last week’s course was one of the most uplifting and rewarding weeks I’ve ever spent – hence my being drawn back, magnet-like, to your cushion course in a fortnight’s time. I appreciate high quality furnishings. With my mother-in-law being an interior designer, I’ve benefited from always having bespoke, top quality curtains and blinds in my home, so I knew the standard I wanted to achieve. I recognised just from the Roman Blind course in July that, in order to do so, you are absolutely the perfect teacher to help me achieve that top standard. Your wise counsel and guidance on setting up a business making soft furnishings was extremely thorough and helpful. John’s talk on professional track and pole fitting was also spot on – to the extent that I’ve recommended the course to a friend in the village who I know will make an excellent fitter, having all the qualities that John highlighted. Attending your course has confirmed that this is the right direction for me, and I’m looking forward to setting up a business over the coming years, initially while still employed, which will carry me on into retirement. The materials for my workroom arrive today, so it’s all been set in train. I’m hugely looking forward to the cushion course, and to course 2 in March. Thank you so much, Victoria.”
Melanie, Oxford – November 2014

“I attended Course One in February and I have just spent a truly enjoyable and inspiring week on Course Two. There’s so much to take in, but Victoria is a calm and patient teacher. She is willing to share her experiences and her follow up is wonderful, as probably like so many others, I think of questions after the week is over! I have learned so much, feel more confident about starting my own business and the ideas are buzzing!”
Jean, Scotland – November 2014

“I just wanted to say it was such a pleasure to meet you and how much I enjoyed the courses Making of Cushions and Bed Dressings, it has really inspired me and I can’t wait to attend the next courses I am booked on. You are a fabulous teacher, very patient and thorough.
Maxine, Buckinghamshire – June 2014
Thank you once again Victoria for a fantastic course. You covered everything I was hoping to cover about cushions. I feel confident that I will now be able to construct my own perfectly piped box cushions and add wow factor with bolsters, accessories and gorgeous fabric for accent.”
Kathleen, Brussels – June 2014

“Having just completed Course One and Two I feel truly privileged to have experienced these two wonderful courses in such a fantastic rural setting and with a great group of ladies! Thank you Victoria for your clear and concise method of teaching. I learnt so much and found answers to the many questions I had not just regarding sewing methods but also regarding setting up a work table, best linings, interlinings, suppliers etc. to use. Thank you once again Victoria and I hope to return in the near future for further courses.”
Linda, Buckinghamshire – May 2014

“A few weeks ago I had the pleasure in attending Course One, Curtain making, at Bury Farm with Victoria Hammond. There are essentially two aspects to the course that I believe make it stand out from any other course that I have looked into. First of all, the level of detail that is placed on teaching students from all walks of life how to make curtains and how to set up a business with their new found skills within a week. Victoria is able to translate her experience and knowledge in a patient and serene manner, allowing her students to learn and take away with them not only the fundamental skills for curtain making, but the skills to produce high quality handmade curtains. Victoria is able to make sense of the daunting calculations that go in to measuring and cutting material with her charts and formulas that are easy to understand and follow. Furthermore all of this was done in a beautiful environment which would inspire anyone to start creating soft furnishings! I thoroughly enjoyed my week with Victoria, Monty (how could we forget Monty the lovely labrador) and the ladies who attended the course.”
Olive, London – July 2013

“I was delighted to return to Bury Farm recently to complete the Advanced Window Treatment course (Course Two), which enabled me to consolidate and expand upon the techniques acquired on the basic course. It’s an intensive week, focusing on the production of samples which have already been of great value to show potential clients. Victoria is always on hand to provide a refresher of the basic techniques and her systematic teaching methods work well for all abilities.The course finale is the production of an opulent swag and tail and teaches the basics of patterning. The complex production is really enjoyable and the end result reflected how far I had progressed from day one of the basic course (Course One). I left Bury Farm with a real sense of achievement and was excited about what I can now offer future clients of my business.”
Emma, Plymouth – April 2014

“Just to say thank you for the very professional and well run course, which I thoroughly enjoyed attending. I felt the course had a great variety of all elements of curtain making and running your own business, and so in a short space of time it gave a good all round training. I have come away with a new confidence to embark on professional projects. I would like to come back and complete Course Two in the future, to get further training once I have a few projects underway. I thoroughly recommend this course for people wanting to learn the craft of curtain making. It caters for all sewing abilities. Victoria provides expert tuition in a calm and inspirational environment.”
Angela, London – March 2014

“Thank you for a truly inspirational week. I have returned from the course raring to start putting the training into practise. I have been proudly showing my samples to friends and family, who are all impressed with the quality of work. I plan to practise making a few more samples, using the measurements in the manual, and then move on to larger projects. I have already registered a domain name as you suggested and am excited about where this is going to take me. I look forward to telling you about my progress when I return in March.”
Wendy, London – February 2014

“Victoria, thanks for your recommendation for cartridge pleats with that mini pelmet, I value your opinion over anyone else’s so will go for that heading. Your course notes have been a bible to me so far! Thank you for being such a brilliant teacher! Here is a link to my website, as you get a mention on the ‘about’ page:”
Pippa, London – January 2014

“A few weeks ago I had the pleasure in attending Course One, Curtain making, at Bury Farm with Victoria Hammond. There are essentially two aspects to the course that I believe make it stand out from any other course that I have looked into. First of all, the level of detail that is placed on teaching students from all walks of life how to make curtains and how to set up a business with their new found skills within a week. Victoria is able to translate her experience and knowledge in a patient and serene manner, allowing her students to learn and take away with them not only the fundamental skills for curtain making, but the skills to produce high quality handmade curtains. Victoria is able to make sense of the daunting calculations that go in to measuring and cutting material with her charts and formulas that are easy to understand and follow. Furthermore all of this was done in a beautiful environment which would inspire anyone to start creating soft furnishings! I thoroughly enjoyed my week wth Victoria, Monty (how could we forget Monty the lovely labrador) and the ladies who attended the course.”
Olive, London – July 2013

“I am really pleased with the three cushions I have brought home and feel well-equipped to make more – I think one of my first (mini) projects should be to replace our rather grotty ring cushion at work. Having these and the samples I made on Course One will certainly be useful, both to show people what I can do and to remind me of all of the techniques I have learnt.   Both courses I have attended have been so informative and I have come away with many new skills. It has been fabulous to meet and learn with so many like-minded people from across the country in such a relaxed environment and with such a patient teacher.
Elaine, Devon – June 2013

“Once again had a great learning week with Victoria. This is my 3rd week with Victoria. This time was spent learning how to make bed covers, cushions and also a very informative day on mood boards for clients. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and have learnt lots this week which I will be putting into practice in my new business. Thanks again Victoria. Keep in touch.”
Sharon, Harrogate – May 2013

“I wanted to tell you how good it was to come back to Bury Farm for another course (Professional Track & Pole Fiting). And once again top marks to you Victoria and your Academy. John was just amazing at explaining and demonstrating all the nitty gritty of curtain fitting. So many aspects of the fitting were scaring me before attending and I now feel very confident with doing the fittings myself. I would recommend this course to anyone completing the curtain making courses, it just feels like a must to me. If any potential student needs a reference I would be only too pleased to speak to them on the phone.”
William, Surrey – March 2013

“I have just completed Course One and truly enjoyed and learnt so much in such a short space of time. I was very much a beginner, but have gained so much confidence and knowledge from the very patient Victoria, that I am confident my skills can develop into a future business. The course notes are excellent and have answered any queries I have had since completing the week course. I am looking forward to Course Two in the near future, thank you again Victoria for sharing your experience and skills with me.”
Michelle, Glasgow – May 2013

“Thank you Victoria. I really enjoyed it and learnt so so much, it was great, and you are a fab teacher! You covered everything and more on the course, I gained great confidence from your course and I can’t wait to get started! I’m very much looking forward to Course Two with you in June. Look forward to seeing you again.”
Louise, Hertfordshire – April 2013

“I wanted to tell you how good it was to come back to Bury Farm for another course (Professional Track & Pole Fiting). And once again top marks to you Victoria and your Academy. John was just amazing at explaining and demonstrating all the nitty gritty of curtain fitting. So many aspects of the fitting were scaring me before attending and I now feel very confident with doing the fittings myself. I would recommend this course to anyone completing the curtain making courses, it just feels like a must to me. If any potential student needs a reference I would be only too pleased to speak to them on the phone.”
William, Surrey – March 2013

 “I completed ‘Course One’ with Victoria Hammond in February. I was not convinced I would be successful as I had no experience of sewing and was not used to handling fabrics! However Victoria was totally understanding and very patient, and from the minute we started my nerves vanished and I was totally engrossed in the class. I enjoyed every minute and was amazed at how much I learnt in one week. I have just finished a beautiful roman blind and have started on another straightaway. I am delighted to have acquired this new skill. Thank you Victoria.”
Julie, London – February 2013

“Victoria, it was a pleasure to have met you and get to know you. You’re a great help and a big support. I enjoyed the courses to the max, not to mention our coffee breaks and our talks.”
Layla, Abu Dhabi – January 2013

“Victoria, I would like to share with you my thanks and excitement at completing my first order; my huge silk curtains and 4.5m pelmet and two Roman blinds. Photo attached of the dressed window. I certainly couldn’t have done any of this without you! Clients (and I) are delighted. More to do for them in the New Year. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope that 2013 is everything you want it to be!”
Helen, Surrey – December 2012

“Hi Victoria, I wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable time on your courses, it was certainly busy and exhausting, but so worthwhile! You are an inspiring teacher and being in a small class of 5 people is wonderful, as you had time to spend with each of us to ensure we had everything made perfectly. The samples I came home with speak for themselves and my friends that have seen them are very impressed (and are lining up for me to make curtains for them – I can see a business developing already). I am looking forward to coming back for a few days next year to finish the Advanced course with you to master those swags and tails!”
Kylie, Buckinghamshire- November 2012<

“Thank you Victoria and the group for a brilliant time at Bury Farm. Training with Victoria exceeded my expectations. I arrived with basic sewing skills and a passion for gorgeous fabrics and I am truly impressed at what was achieved in such a short time. I found that the structure of the course enabled us to process the important elements that are imperative to curtain making at the highest standard. The instructions are in depth and include tips and techniques that Victoria shares from her knowledge and experience in the profession. Victoria is very accommodating for those with few sewing skills and those more experienced. We were made to feel at ease when asking questions, or for anything to be repeated. I found Victoria’s teaching style to be informative, extremely thorough and very friendly. It is surprising that we could have so much fun and experience such satisfaction all whilst gaining valuable knowledge! Victoria is an absolute perfectionist, from the “perfect” curtains on display in the showroom, to the quality of the course, and the samples we produced. I feel that the emphasis on ‘good quality’ throughout, when discussing fabrics and hardware, and the meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of curtain making, is what puts this course at number one for me. There are so many additional benefits; I highly recommend training with Victoria. I am excited to start on a full length curtain that is to the same high standard. I am also looking forward to returning for the advanced course at the idyllic Bury Farm!”
Natalie, Leicester – November 2012

“Thanks Victoria for putting such a great programme together. Not having made any curtains before – or doing much sewing for that matter – I was a bit nervous about doing the ‘Course One’. I’m glad I did. The course is well designed to cater to varying skill levels. Victoria is patient and full of knowledge..the little tips were great! Lovely surroundings and a fantastic group, we bonded really well. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and came away feeling confident that I had the knowledge and skills to start sewing curtains. I look forward to returning on the advanced course soon.”
Chidi, London – October 2012

“Thank you for a brilliant week; I learnt so much. It is incredible how much information you manage to pack in to the 5 days. I am delighted with the samples I made. I now feel confident that I can produce high quality curtains and blinds and am desperate to get going on full sized versions of the same! I would thoroughly recommend the course for both those aiming to use the skills in their own home and for those thinking of setting up their own business. The beautiful setting, your serenity and comprehensive knowledge of the subject, and the charming John (the curtain fitter) add up to make this a fantastic experience. I look forward to returning for the Advanced course.”
Meg, Hertfordshire – September 2012

“I have never enjoyed learning as much as while attending the Basic and Advanced courses. Victoria, you are so patient and I am looking forward to working with you as a mentor on my first job. One suggestion – I need the course 101 Ways To Use A Ruler! Again thanks for all your guidance and see you soon.”
Jo-Anne, Cannes France – July 2012

“Many thanks for such a wonderful time last week, can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much, no stress, relaxed and learnt a lot. Looking forward to the next course already, see you in July.”
Fiona, Hertfordshire – May 2012


“Dear Victoria. Thank you very much for sharing your amazing knowledge. The week was simply faultless. Take care.”
William, Surrey – April 2012


“I don’t think I have ever learned so much and enjoyed myself so much within the same time period! You have clearly put your heart in to providing a very enjoyable place to learn and have generously shared your valuable experience and knowledge with your pupils. Although I signed up to the course solely to make my own curtains; you, your beautiful showroom and your wonderful lessons have inspired me to become a professional Curtain Maker. You could say I have had a life-changing week! I look forward to the Advanced Course and many years of making curtains!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Chloe, London – March 2012


I had a fantastic week. I have to admit I was quite nervous undertaking an intensive curtain making course on my own. I had very little sewing or machining experience. However, I immediately felt at ease with the pace of the course and the very professional teaching by Victoria. She definitely explained and demonstrated every stage very clearly. Every night I went home and showed off my samples to a very shocked family. They were very proud of me!! The workshop, showroom and farm are a beautiful surrounding to spend the week curtain making. I am now looking forward to start making my own curtains and blinds and sorting out my diary to book another course with Victoria.”
Debbie, Hertfordshire – January 2012

“Victoria’s course gave me an in depth and detailed grounding of tradtional and high quality curtain making. Her teaching methods are brilliant and she is incredibly patient with all levels of skill. The course is unique as it offers an insight into starting and running a business in this field which is particularly helpful. I had a fantastic week and can’t wait to go back for more!”
Hannah, Bedfordshire – December 2011

“It took me a year to make up my mind to do this course due to work commitments. However this summer I found myself in a position where I had the time to do so and enrolled. I was lucky to get a place on both courses in September (Course One & Course Two). It was hard work but worth it. I have been sewing for myself and friends almost all of my life and felt confident in doing so, however, thanks to Victoria, her techniques and knowledge sharing has given me the opportunity to build on what I know; to be able to produce products to a highly professional standard. I am now about to go through my house and replace all curtains and blinds to show off my newly learnt skills. If anyone is contemplating enrolling, don’t hesitate, go ahead, you will not regret it and you don’t need any sewing experience to do it. Not only will you enjoy the learning, the venue is idyllic and Victoria is the most patient teacher you can meet. I take my hat off to her. i am now in the process of putting things in order to start up my business because I now feel ready to offer a selection of window treatments and soft furnishings. Thank you Victoria.”
Elaina, London – October 2011

“I really enjoyed the course and it was a pleasure to meet you, I learned so much in the five days while I was there and it was so friendly with such a nice atmosphere. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn about window treatments, it was very detailed and comprehensive. Your experience and teaching method taught me so much I really appreciated it; I have always wanted to learn about this but never had the opportunity until now.”
Maria, Guernsey – September 2011


“Thank you Victoria for a wonderful week, I achieved everything and more than I expected from the course. Thank you for generously sharing your wealth of knowledge, skill and love of curtain making, all of which was reflected in the standard of the samples we produced throughout the week. The beautiful surroundings of Bury Farm and the great company all contributed to make a wonderful experience. Also a big thank you for having the patience of a saint!!”
Tracey, Belfast – July 2011

“Thank you Victoria for a super week. I really enjoyed every aspect of the course, learning so much during the week with plenty of hands on experience. Victoria is so patient and helpful every step of the way, very professional and knowledgeable always ready to answer any questions. I have gained invaluable experience which I look forward to putting into practice. Bury Farm is a great venue, very relaxing within a lovely surrounding area. I thoroughly recommend this course and am looking forward to the Advanced Course shortly.”
Fiona, Wales – April 2011

“I attended the course ‘Design & Making of Window Treatments’ to have an understanding of how curtains are made, with the ultimate aim of making beautiful curtains for our new home. Imagine my delight that at the end of Day One we produced a lovely sample – Victoria a patient, informative and enormously helpful guide throughout this process. During the remainder of the week we went on to produce four more delightful samples which will prove invaluable in my project. Victoria is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Her extensive course reference manual and the skills acquired from her is all you really need to go on to make beautiful curtains. Bury Farm is the perfect location, sitting in the Hertfordshire countryside, yet only 20 miles from London. I can’t wait to get sewing!”
Sarah, Somerset – March 2011


“I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Design and Making of Window Treatments’ course. I found the content very informative and well set out. I can hardly wait to put the techniques into practice to produce high quality curtains and blinds. The venue was excellent and I found the company very enjoyable. I hope to set up my own business and found the section on pricing, measuring and providing a list of suppliers invaluable.”
Anita, Suffolk – January 2011

“Thank you Victoria for a wonderful week where I gained so much both in information and confidence. What a wonderful venue which is so conductive to a relaxed learning experience. My original plan was to come on the course to get a bit more knowledge to produce soft furnishings for the interior of our new home. However, that may have to be shelved until a little later as I am all set to start with my first client once they move into their new apartment in January. I can’t wait to come on the Advanced course. See you in a few weeks!”
Elizabeth, Dorset – December 2010

“I had a great week, I did find it a little challenging at times as you probably gathered, but your incredible patience helped me through. The girls were all brilliant fun to be around and I would love to come back and do the advanced course with them. Thank you for everything Victoria, you are incredibly talented and I feel quite privileged to have been trained by you.”
Natalie, Bedfordshire – November 2010

“Thank you Victoria once again for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative course (Advanced course) held in lovely relaxing surroundings with great company. I can’t wait to put my new found skills to good use and move forward with my plans to start up my own business. Well done Victoria you are a great teacher!!”
Suzanne, Bristol – May 2010

“Thank you for a wonderful experience at your ‘Design & Making of Window Treatments’ course. I attended the course to help me make quality curtains and blinds for my home and with a possible view to setting up my own business. However, I left the course with so much enthusiam and confidence to begin my own business that I hope to be up and running by Spring. I would definitely recommend this course for your teaching and facilities, not forgetting the beautiful setting. Victoria, thank you for your patience and excellent teaching and I am really looking forward to the Advanced course.”
Lynne, Edinburgh – September 2010

“Thank you for your comforting words Victoria. It means a lot coming from you.
Weeks before the course I could not wait and when the 5 days passed I knew it was worth it. I enjoyed it tremendously! Every new step Victoria taught us, I was excited like a baby and couldn’t wait for the next day. Victoria was a great teacher and a beautiful person. Thanks for all my knowledge about curtain making. See you later this year.”

Laron, London – July 2010

“Thank you Victoria once again for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative course (Advanced course) held in lovely relaxing surroundings with great company. I can’t wait to put my new found skills to good use and move forward with my plans to start up my own business. Well done Victoria you are a great teacher!!”
Suzanne, Bristol – May 2010

“I would like to thank you Victoria for your support and guidance over the past week. You have taught me how to make beautiful hand sewn curtains and blinds and I now have the confidence to take this forward with a view to starting out on my own. I will definitely enrol on the advanced course once I have perfected my own curtain making skills. As an aside, I would like to say that the venue is idylic and, for someone who has been away from home for a week, Laura at Rose Farm made my stay like home from home, and without her, it could have been a tough week due to being out of my comfort zone!”
Beverley, Cheltenham – April 2010

“The course exceeded my expectations and has given me the confidence to start sewing again and set up my own business. I thought it was expertly compiled with lots of nice touches… tea on arrival, chocolate biscuits, lovely surroundings and most important of all… Victoria’s sharing of her expert knowledge. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you again soon on the Advanced course.”
Suzanne, Bristol – February 2010

“Thank you so much for a fantastic week. I learnt so much more than I thought I would and came away feeling very confident in what I can now achieve. I hadn’t realised how much was involved in curtain making, but the perfect pace of each day combined with your patience and clarity in teaching made it very easy to learn. I proudly displayed the samples that I made during the course at our sales meeting this morning and can’t wait to get practicing my new found skills!”
Amy, London – December 2009

“I attended a 2 day curtain making course in November, which was really fabulous. Victoria is very professional and patient teacher. She is also extremely generous with her knowledge. I came away confident that I can measure up windows and make a truly professional set of curtains. The location is also lovely – a very enjoyable weekend. I thoroughly recommend it!”
Gillian, Milton Keynes – November 2009

“After attending Victoria’s 5-day ‘Design & Making of Window Treatments’ course I have the confidence to open my own small business. The course content is excellent and surpassed my expectations, and I will definately be attending the follow-up course in the New Year. Victoria was patient and didn’t mind going over any aspects that we were unsure of. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to set up their own business, or simply learn to make their own beautifully hand-stitched curtains and blinds.
I have already managed to set up my workroom, open 2 trade accounts and am almost ready to start on my first order!”

Tanya, London – October 2009

“I enjoyed the 5 day course immensely. I’m creative and wanted to learn how to make up curtains professionally. The course provided just that. Victoria’s helpful and patient tuition has inspired me to produce my own designs. I would highly recommended this course.”
Karen, Buckinghamshire – September 2009

“The 2 day weekend curtain course I attended with Victoria was fantastic. As a complete beginner, the step by step approach was ideal and the notes and sample curtains proved invaluable when I tackled my first project at home. I have just completed my first curtain and I’m delighted with the results. It is really rewarding to make something totally bespoke for my home. I am really looking forward to attending the Roman blind & pelmet course.”
Helen, Kent – August 2009

“Hi Victoria. Just wanted to thank you for a great week. I feel like I learnt so much and feel really confident and am looking forward to practicing my new skills. Would you let me know if you decide to do a cushion/bed dressings course, as I would be interested in coming to do that. Thanks.”
Claire, Bedfordshire – July 2009

“I just wanted to thank you for a great course last week, I really enjoyed being creative and learning new skills. I have been looking and measuring up my house with renewed knowledge and interest.”
Fleur, Oxford – June 2009

“Thank you for all your help and support during the course. The course was very informative and hand’s on. I was really pleased on how much I learnt in a short period. I will definitely be coming back for other weekend courses in the near future. Keep up the good work!”
Jennifer, London – May 2009

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the 5 day intensive course. The course really catered for my needs as a novice curtain maker and making curtains to such a high standard. The course was also very informative and helpful in terms of starting up my own business. Victoria was very thorough in her approach and extremely helpful and patient. The setting at Bury Farm was very relaxing too. I will certainly travel again to do more specialised courses as I progress in my business venture.”
Jo, Manchester – August 2009